Try this when you can’t shake that awful feeling

What’s been coming up for you lately? Are you ruminating or obsessing about something that you can’t seem to shake?

Well, I have some good medicine for that. We just completed my latest 30-day masterclass course on how to manage your difficult emotions. With that in mind, I want to share this practice with you – it gets to the heart of what’s knocking loudest on your head. In a little more than 20-minutes, you’ll be able to process and release those pent up emotions and get to a point of feeling clear and calm. How does that sound?

I want to show you how to put these difficult feelings to work – and that means taking the time to sense and feel them. So grab your bottle of water and your journal and get settled into a comfortable sitting position (in a chair or cross legged on the floor). Then get ready to feel better.

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3 thoughts on “Try this when you can’t shake that awful feeling”

  1. I’ve sent this to a friend who has been going through some issues lately. She came over last night and I asked my housekeeper what food to serve as “comfort” food. She suggested Mac ‘N Cheese. That’s a blast from the past so I served it and guess what? My friend truly felt comforted. I’m hoping on top of the Mac ‘N Cheese and your video, that she’ll shake her awful feelings. Thanks Rebecca. Good session.

  2. Great Rosemary! But have your friend eat the mac’n cheese AFTER the practice. We want as much freed up energy as possible when we’re moving it in this way. When we go into a practice with a heavy stomach, our energy is busy digesting our food.

    I admire your nurturing style!


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