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Emotional Liberation Breakthrough

October 2023

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An immersive retreat is the ideal environment to embrace life-changing heart and soul-nourishing experiences. No experience necessary… just a curious and open heart and mind readied for a journey of healing and self-discovery.

Microdosing curious? You’re in good hands.

The Emotional Liberation Experience

What You Can Expect

Chris H.

How do you like working with Becca?

Betsy W.

What’s Becca like as a teacher?

Hunter Y.

Keeping your identity private.

Who is Becca?

Becca Williams, RDN, CCN

Emotions Therapist • Microdosing Mentor • Plant Medicine Facilitator

Becca Williams is an emotions therapist and educator who specializes in emotional & trauma recovery, psychedelic “hangovers” with lingering challenges, and psilocybin microdosing and cannabis-assisted support. Her Emotional Liberation workshops, immersive retreats, and masterclass courses combine ancient healing modalities and Western neuroscience for a full inner and outer life “integration.” Becca is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, a certified Emotions Facilitator and a long-time plant medicine advocate and activist. She’s been a group facilitator, speaker and mentor for personal and collective transformation for more than two decades.

What Students Are Saying

Ingrid talks about the group dynamic where students take-on the name of their favorite mythological or fantasy creature and video is hidden…

“I loved the anonymity in Becca’s course because it allowed us to be vulnerable without being known. One of the things I most benefited from is the value of bringing strangers together into a space of learning and learning from each other in a really deep way through what Becca has provided.”

Garfield’s insights on how the use of cannabis plant medicine enhances emotional recover

“Becca helped me realize the power of meditation and talking and listening to my heart. The cannabis helped me focus – so I don’t have a racing brain during meditation. It helped me to focus on what is bothering me. Now I use it more as a medicine to help me, to guide me on my path. ”

Ouroboros, using her mythical alias, discusses learning the language of emotions…

“Becca helped me to not be a captive to my emotions – that I’m in control of them. I definitely recommend this course because it opens you up to things that might have been buried for a long time. Accepting the emotions and learning to work with them is a life-changing thing that Becca is teaching.”