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My old lady tattoo – I’m in good company

If you caught my recent video, you know that I was planning on getting my first tattoo at age 68. Even though we’re living in a “tattoo age,” I had to think long and hard about, first, getting one, and then, what would it be?! It’s now a done deal… and I have pictures to prove it!
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Mother’s Day for the Rest of Us 

I wrote this some time ago for, I guess you could say, “Mother’s Day for the Rest of Us.” I hope it brings you solace. Next week, I’ll be telling you about my brand new “old lady” tattoo, but since Sunday is Mother’s Day I wanted to share this with you. Let me know if you can relate.
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Release Triggers & Trauma

Why continue to struggle as a slave to your difficult emotions? … and at wit’s end with the anxiety, the depression, the anger, sadness, and/or self-doubt that may be ruling your world and keeping you stuck and in a state of emotional pain? I assure you that you don’t have to live like this
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Learn to tame your difficult emotions

When you get to know your body like it’s your best friend, learn to listen and talk to yours as if it’s a trusted confidante and allow yours to teach you about emotional freedom – you’ll be unstoppable.  I love this approach to reclaiming control over your emotions. And making them work for you. It’s nearly unbelievable – but true … seeing your difficult emotions as your allies. I want you to experience this remarkable approach. I have…
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Experience Emotional Liberation?

Whew! This month-long course has been a loooong time coming – because when I moved to Portugal from Florida about 18-months ago, I never thought it was going to take me this long to pick up where I left off in the states! So much bureaucratic red tape and just the stuff it takes to get settled!
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Ink Knows No Age: My Tattoo Journey at Nearly 70!

Yes, at 68 I’ve decided to get my first tattoo. I wanted to share this with you because it isn’t just about body art; it’s a declaration that age is no barrier to new experiences (but you knew that 😉 At any rate, I’m excited to tell you about it and why I decided to do it – as well as an invitation to join me in breaking free of any constraints that you might be wrestling with.
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