Healing from Difficult Emotions

No wonder we try so hard to avoid rejection!

Oh, the rejection of it all… About 4 years ago, I moved my emotions and trauma recovery practice to be almost fully online. Of course, when you're online you need to do things to attract the people who are interested in your work – it's called marketing:)

Imagining Beyond “420.” Your thoughts?

Who knew that the activity of 5 California high school guys 50 years ago would be the genesis of paying homage to cannabis?! Back then, "420" was the code-word they made up to express: “let’s get together and smoke some cannabis" because 4:20pm was their gathering time after classes.

Being WOKE ain’t being AWAKENED

A number of years ago I followed a popular quasi-vegan diet called macrobiotics. Maybe you've heard of it? It was imported from Japan and was actually more than a diet – it was a way of living in balance and embraced the Eastern spiritual principles of yin and yang, or the rhythms of the Universe.

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