Going to America!

I’m scurrying around, getting ready for Ron’s and my trip back to the states. I took a break to give you an update along with a little quick pick-me-up breath (which I hope you will do along with me:)

So figured I’d check-in, tell you about my U.S. trip and ask if you want to do this delicious calming yet relaxing breath with me?

I’m really curious how it will feel to leave behind our new “normal” of Portugal (18 months now) and experience our old normal of Florida for a couple of weeks? I’ll let you know!

With Love,

P.S. I just winged this one video. Felt good – even though I judge myself about how old I look and that I should be hiding behind some make-up. Just sayin’

8 thoughts on “Going to America!”

  1. obrigado for the breath work! we both enjoyed the experience. linda is recovering from hip replacement surgery and I just had a shoulder replacement surgery. we are doing fine …..just slow!
    have a terrific time in Florida.

    • Edna, yay! And having said that, go easy on yourself – we often need to work up to these more vigorous breaths. But you ran down to the deep end and jumped in! xob

  2. Hello Becca..I love your breathing technique. And your visit back home 🏡 is to be a good one I hope.Nice to see you in the now.you look great btw…not old at all.you appear happy& natural.
    Take care Michael G.

    • Michael, thank you for your kind words!
      Happy and natural is a great place to land! (Maybe “ageless” would be a nice addition 😂)

    • The breath is a nice picker-upper, isn’t it 😍
      Thank you my Floridian friend – your warm welcome makes up for temps in the 60s 🥶 😂


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