When the world is falling apart

So many of us are watching with horror over the turmoil and suffering that’s happening around us – whether it’s in our backyard or other parts of the world. Violence and war and hunger, sickness, disease… among people, among animals.

It can be overwhelming for many of us. I regularly see people who are troubled and despairing over the unrest either in their own backyard or across the globe. With that in mind, I offer this short practice that is gifted to us by Tibetan Buddhism.

If you have a friend or family member who is an empath and has been especially struggling, I highly recommend you share this video with them.


4 thoughts on “When the world is falling apart”

  1. What a lovely video, Rebecca. You look great and your thoughts and practice are just what we all need in this day and age of stressful news. Perfect message for NOW. Keep up the wonderful work. Thank you!

    • Thank you! People, particularly really sensitive people – mostly women but a lot of men, become forlorn with a sense of helplessness over the current state of affairs and other things going on closer to home. Tonglen is a form of taking in the suffering and, energetically, composting it and releasing in on the wings of love.


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