Learn to tame your difficult emotions

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”
– Rumi

I love this approach to reclaiming control over your emotions. And making them work for you. It’s nearly unbelievable – but true… seeing your difficult emotions as your allies. I want you to experience this remarkable approach.

I have more I want to share with you in this video…

You’ll use the knowledge you learn in this course for the rest of your life.

This 4-week Emotional Expansion Masterclass series is designed to guide you along the journey of Self-Discovery. Tremendous freedom comes from getting to know yourself at deeper levels – mind, body and SOUL. When you make the unconscious within you conscious you become the director of your own fate (instead of being at the mercy of unseen forces).

Are you ready?

Do it now so we can schedule our 1:1 Bonus session ($160 value) where we’ll explore your deepest desires and set clear intentions. This session is the perfect start to our four weeks together in our small group environment. 

This course challenges you to dive deep into your emotions and your spirit and find what makes you work, what makes you tick. Dealing with emotions is difficult – can be very difficult. It also puts you more in touch with yourself. You understand yourself more. You realize who you are, what you are.
– David Cook, California, Emotional Liberation Student
“I would absolutely recommend this course and I would say give it a shot, give it a try, anyone who is interested to committing to themselves, and making that pledge to yourself and honor yourself. Becca is an amazing spiritual teacher and has the techniques to help you go through and challenge yourself in areas that you want to see growing in your own personal life.”
– Linda, Massachusetts, Emotional Liberation Student
“We know emotions live in our subconscious and when we create space to let them up – that’s all that they need. I think part of the reason this course is so effective is that we’re normally tuned in to do the opposite… repress, don’t talk about those things.
– Chris, California, Emotional Liberation Student
“If there is a person that needs a community of people that are exploring in a different way how to heal emotions, then this course would be it. The group, our tribe was beautiful, was really beautiful.”
– Jidsel Malca, California, Emotional Liberation Student
“To her growing community, Becca excels at prompts to look at things in a new way by combining responses to emotional triggers with a new sense of stability. Add in an assortment of homework, time to share, journaling, gratitude, and for some, small dosage of cannabis. Each session builds upon each other towards your goal. This is something you won’t want to miss!”
– Athena (alias in the course), Colorado, Emotional Liberation Student

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