Glimpsers, Microdosing Alchemy & High Flow

Glimpsers are those who have done enough “work” on themselves to have experienced moments of “high flow” and want more.

A friend and colleague of mine and I were discussing the marketing of his soon-to-be-released book regarding, essentially, spiritual awakening. This is a topic that’s vital and meaningful to both of us as teachers of “altered states of consciousness,” which are powerful and sacred glimpses of our lives outside the ordinary mind. When a person can plug into an altered state of consciousness they can open themselves to their potential for healing beyond what the ordinary mind can ever grasp.

Because of this definition, my friend, who’s a creative genius, has identified the audience he wants to market his book to as “glimpsers.” Glimpsers, as my friend sees it, are those who have done enough “work” on themselves to have experienced moments of “high flow.” And now, having gotten a taste of high flow, are eager to have more of it in their lives. 

These days, when we speak in these terms of altered states of consciousness and high flow, many will immediately think psychedelics – psychoactive substances that produce changes in perception, mood and cognitive processes. But these states can arise as well during experiences such as meditation, dreaming, hypnosis, and hallucination. In fact, my friend’s work has nothing to do with psychedelics at all. 

Are You A Glimpser?

I bring this up because, back in the day, my personal experience as a glimpser kept me on the search for answers. I was a serious seeker… 

“Will this therapy make me feel better?” 

“Will this retreat heal the unruly emotions I deal with daily?” 

“Does this method hold the promise of the transformation I’m looking for?”

I also believe that the glimpses for me came as I self-medicated with cannabis for years and years to calm the crippling anxiety that I wrestled with on a daily basis. Starting in college, all those decades ago, when I smoked, I felt better… there was a euphoria, a lightness that let me see my life in a different way. I would call that a glimpse. The down side was that the cannabis could also take me the other way and intensify the anxiety. So medicating with cannabis wasn’t the end-all be-all for me. But I recognized that my life could be different and I wanted more of the good feeling. So I kept searching. 

About 10 years ago I encountered the work I now teach. It opened me to on-going altered states of consciousness so that I could access my deep inner resources for healing. Through years of experimentation with this model, I also discovered that small judicious amounts of psilocybin and/or cannabis facilitated the ability to go deeper – in tandem with the emotional release work. The challenge was/is finding the “sweet spot” where the plant medicine amplifies. Too much can numb the high flow state and a person then loses the opportunity in that session to process.

Importantly, each student and client, under my careful guidance, learns how to find their “sweet spot” in this self-therapy model.

I will be talking more about this and, from my new perch in Portugal, will soon be offering new courses, on-line and in-person. And, if you have an interest and want to act right now, you can join one of my 7-day Portugal retreats.

About Sourcing the Medicine

In the United States, cannabis, with all the dispensaries now, is pretty easy to come by. However, for most people, finding psilocybin resources can be a challenge. I find a good go-to resource for psilocybin microdosing is SoulCybin. I’ve been referring my students and clients to this pioneering and conscientious organization for about three years now. 

What I like most about this organization is that a person can order varying degrees of small amounts of the medicine in capsule form. They offer customized options of 25 to 250 micrograms. (As a clinical nutritionist, I appreciate that it’s dosed like most nutritional supplements.) 

In microdosing, it is pivotal to have consistent and even-blended amounts in each capsule to chart the continuity of one’s progress… uneven dosing can throw this totally out of whack. I’ve had students report that they possessed whole dried mushrooms and that they’ll nibble off a piece. As a clinician, that drives me crazy as it corrupts any consistency and confounds the healing progress. 

Having said that, you can always purchase a grinder, a lab sensitive scale and capsules and make your own capsules. But most people find that over-the-top laborious. 

If you’re one of those, then I’m suggesting you might want to check-out SoulCybin. Under a new framework, they’ve given me an affiliate status with a discount code for first-timers. When you’re ordering, you can put in SAVE-15-BECCAWILL to save 15%. (I always appreciate discounts;)

Here’s to all the glimpsers amongst us. May the glimpses turn into long permanent states of high flow! 

With Love,


P.S. If you are in my European community and are interested in emotional release as it relates to microdosing, please contact me directly at

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  1. Becca, in my triathlon practice I often use visualization techniques; during my runs, I am trying to visualize breathing through my heart. Lately I have sometimes been able to find a feeling like an invisible string at my heart chakra pulling me forward, almost like I’m connected to universal prana and things become – I don’t really want to say effortless, but somehow easier like I could do this forever. It’s hard to maintain this feeling all the time, but I keep seeking it each run. Recreating this feeling during competition is a work in progress. Thank you for providing this forum to discuss our feelings.🙏🏻


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