How to stir the pot of fun and play

When was the last time you had a heart-to-heart with someone about something meaningful to you? 

I don’t mean a one-sided conversation – but a heartfelt interaction with a person you value who was invested as much as you in the discussion. There might have been voice raising, tears, and emphatic gestures. And because the other person listened to you as intently as you listened to them, the mutual feelings went deep and touched both your hearts, touched both your souls. 

It might not have been anything to do with the relationship between the two of you – but perhaps something that was weighing heavy on your heart and you longed to be heard with kindness and compassion. And that’s what happened.

Here’s what happens next

And when it was over there was an energetic clearing, a big life-affirming sigh that signaled a lightness in the air – and maybe there was a joke cracked or something silly said that just felt so good and warm. This was the “payoff” for unloading the giant weight you’d been dragging around. And now that you processed and released it, the heaviness turned into feathers and blew away with the wind.

This is the time to play!

I’m not talking about getting drunk, telling bawdy jokes, or diluting ourselves with anemic antics that pass as play. I’m talking about authentic interactions that reclaim our sense of belonging and community.

And this is how we do it in my group gatherings and retreats. Not just one heart-to-heart but many hearts  – taking deep dives into stirring and impactful relating. And to assure our values-alignment, everyone is screened to keep our group tight-knit. 

If this resonates for you and you’re ready to intertwine profound process with enlightened play, join us in spectacular southern Portugal for a full 7-days this fall in the lap of, yes, luxury, but also among amazing humans inspiring each other and together optimizing their potential. 

We’ll round-out our week with a celebratory banquet at my private home located in the seaside village of Lagos. 

And if you’d like to share this experience with a +1 (best bud, your other half, a parent, or adult child, they’ll get $300 off if they register this month (June). 

Questions? Hit reply and let me know! Otherwise go here and confirm your plans to join us.

With Love,

P.S. We start with play right out of the gate. For starters, all participants retain their anonymity the entire week by choosing the name of their favorite mythological or fantasy creature (for example, aka’s have included Thunderbird, Phoenix, Inanna, Airmid). Participants say that this fun approach to their anonymity builds safety, trust, confidence and helps them to understand that everyone has common emotional challenges and patterns from the past – and can heal them! Make your plans now and have it in the bag!