Are you a Hot House Flower too? 

I’ve been teased that I’m a delicate “hot house flower” given my distaste for the brisk waters of the northern Atlantic – even here in one of the southern most climes of Europe – the sunny warm Algarve. 

At its warmest in southern Portugal, which is late summer and fall, the Atlantic water average soars to 71°F.  Dial the calendar back to the debut of “beach days” it’s considerably colder – in April it’s 61°F and climbs to 65°F in July.

I’m not the only one who balks at frolicking in the less than warm waters. Visit any of the picturesque Algarve beaches (and they’re all picturesque!) and you’ll find very few beachgoers at any given time playing, swimming or treading in the water. Oh yes, if you spend enough time on the beach basking in the hot sun you’ll get overheated and be compelled to run out and dunk in the cold water. But the submersion is usually momentary – enough to get wet and cool off … and then back to the towel.

Alternatively, my idea of an afternoon at the beach is being one with the water with child-like jumping up and down in the swells, lolling on a float toy, and swimming some laps. But that’s when the water is about 82°F (yes I’m a super achiever as a hot house flower). Those are water temperatures characteristic of the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean and summertime lakes. 

Beyond Bikinis and Boardshorts

So now as a (happy and satisfied) full time resident of southern Portugal my go-to for cavorting in the waves is wearing a wetsuit! 

I can do everything I do in the warmer water with this thin layer of neoprene between me and the cold. We’re use to seeing surfers and scuba divers wearing wetsuits but not so much with swimmers. 

Yet, if you’re like me, wearing a wetsuit over your swimsuit can optimize your beach visits – once you get beyond being surrounded by bikinis and boardshorts. My acquaintanceJoshua Keetly, who’s a water sports specialist here in Lagos, reminds us, “You should be comfortable in your own skin for sure! A lot of people, especially Americans, find the water way too cold.”

That’s why when I chose a villa for our fall retreats I made sure that it had a large pool and that the pool is heated!

Our Private Villa

Of course, when you’re here you’ll want to visit the beach – and maybe you’re one of those who likes the cold water (cold plunge therapy anyone?) … but I do have other ways to condition your nervous system when you’re with me during our retreat week! 

Regardless, visiting the spectacular beaches here – whether you’re lounging on the sand or frolicking in the waves – with or without a wetsuit – will be an ideal way to while away a free afternoon during our retreat week. Heck, or simply hang by our heated pool or the tennis court or the putting green, go horseback riding or take a nature hike. 

Regardless of how you play, this will be a week of inner transformation – held in the lap of relaxation and fun, which is optimal for the integration of deep inner work. And in the midst of it all, I am dedicated to helping you work through any challenges you may be facing and find new ways to cope with stress and improve your overall well-being.

If this sounds heavenly, it will be and when you register NOW, you will get the Early Bird rate of $300 off. But hurry, the Early Bird savings expires at midnight on April 9th.

With Love,


P.S. If you have questions beyond what is in this description, hit reply and connect with me. I don’t want anything to stand between you and what is sure to be an extraordinary experience. 


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