I get letters: What do I do now?!

I often get letters from folks sharing their experiences and asking questions. This correspondence can offer spectacular insights and musings that answer questions that many others have on their mind. So I’m sharing this one with you today…

Hi Becca,

I have a question. You, like many others, use the words ‘you have to do the work.’ It’s all about doing the actual work. But what is the work? 

I have finally realized what my issues are – that I judge myself and that I have social anxiety and addiction issues. Now what? What is ‘the work?’ How do I go about fixing myself? I really hope you could help move me in the right direction.



WooHoo BVD! You’ve done GREAT WORK! 

Just stop for a moment and acknowledge the distance you’ve come in witnessing/observing the difficult emotions that are tormenting you. You’ve ascertained that your thoughts give rise to the self-doubt (judging) ––> that gives rise to the anxiety ––> that gives rise to trying to escape from the anxiety with distractions/addictions. By identifying this “emotions cascade” you’ve taken the first BIG STEP toward releasing these difficult emotions. Beautiful work.

People spend their entire lives having never gotten to this realization. They continue to be slaves to their emotions and veer from one trigger to another trigger (if you’re familiar with Eckhart Tolle’s work, he refers to this as the “pain body”).

Ok, so what do you do now? I spent many years roaming this landscape before discovering what I teach now, Emotional Liberation. Years of talk therapy likely helped some, but not so much. Pursuing “spiritual” practices, commonly known as “New Age” left me confused and frustrated. Living in a near-constant state of anxiety was miserable and while thinking “positive thoughts” would help for 2 days or 2 minutes, my thoughts defaulted to the neural pathways grooved with the negative and fearful thinking. 

So about 10 years ago I was drawn to the emotional release method I now teach. This Emotional Liberation method draws from the practices of an ancient Indian lineage …vigorous body and breath practices, which in yogic science stimulate the meridian points (the energy body) while training and re-wiring the nervous system. The more regularly we can do them (11-15 minutes a day), the more we can condition our nervous system and strengthen our constitution so we can invite up the unruly emotions in order to release them.

BVD – and whomever else this resonants for, I invite you to explore these practices, which you can access here.

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With Love,


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