Here’s the bridge to your Soul

Being able to decipher this mystery is the code to living life effortlessly and easily… I mean it!  

When I learned about this “bridge,” it brought order and meaning to my life – I want to explain in this video. 

You know, many of us seek soulfulness, being with our inner Self, through many different ways – we may walk in nature, meditate, through religion or poetry or art. 

Certainly we can find soul stroking moments in those places, and many other ways as well. 

But what I’ve discovered over a lifetime of experience and study, is that this “soulfulness” – or being in touch with our Soul, is accessible through our emotions. Meaning our emotions – especially difficult emotions, like anxiety, depression, self-doubt, can be the bridge to higher consciousness. 

Now, the challenge here is that so many of us keep our emotions at arm’s length.

Often it’s because our feelings can be such a turnoff… they can be loud and pushy. A lot of self-talk in our head and out there!

But, our emotions are here for a reason. They want to tell us something important. But, many of us have experienced that these strong feelings aren’t always welcome and they can be disruptive and insistent and can upset our life! Maybe you have experienced this? 

Yet these unruly emotions can help you on your journey of understanding yourself better and how to feel better. It’s like a doorway to discovering more about yourself with your emotions being the smart helpers in this adventure.

But, of course, when we don’t have the skills to handle difficult emotions, those emotions can cause problems leading to trouble and suffering. 

Yet, all of your emotions contain the intelligence that we need to survive and even thrive in troubled times. My work is to help you learn how to be with all of your emotions in a soulful and empathic way, always! 

And as you may know, as a clinician, I like to include small amounts of plant medicine in this emotional processing work as I (and hundreds of my students) believe microdosing can help more efficiently process and release the energies that are driving these difficult emotions. 

I’m currently working on new online programs and masterclasses that will soon be available to escort you through this process.

But for now, please consider joining me and a small group in Southern Portugal for a spectacular 6-night spiritual adventure. In the lap of safety, acceptance and luxury, you’re learn how to manage your feelings and enjoy a much richer emotional life.

If this is of interest and you want to see if this trip is for you, set a time with me to chat

I’ll put my scheduling link below this video. OK? 

Good. I’m Becca Williams and I want you to lead your most magnificent life and I want to help you do that! 

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