We all know them – what I call the “highly functioning walking wounded”. You might live or work with one … you might even be one. I was. I was one of the highly functioning, walking wounded.

What does that look like? Basically, people, who are wrestling with difficult emotions yet still keeping it together to the outside world. I have more about this in my blog this week:

The “highly functioning walking wounded” as I once called myself – the highly functioning walking wounded navigate society convincingly (convincingly enough) on the job, in social groups, in organizations. Many are accomplished, absolutely… teachers, judges, therapists, politicians. Hell, they may even be the CEO. And, when a person is emotionally wounded, keeping it together and keeping up appearances takes its toll.


We all know examples of the “easy-going” boss who’s easy-going until he or she pops their top. Then they become a terror. And the thing for people who work with them is that you never know when it’s gonna happen. When they’re gonna explode.

Or the friend who downs a a bottle of wine or more every night and then gets out of bed in the morning and runs a business.

Or someone who’s nice enough and fun enough but you can’t trust them to tell you the truth as they’re always trying to impress you and others with their wit or intelligence.

I say, “Welcome to the land of the Highly functioning, Walking wounded”. There are many other ways people express their woundings. These are just a few examples. You can probably name some off the top of your head.

In the mental health community, they might refer to this as a “personality disorder”. But, I believe, as it was for me, most are really wrestling with difficult “out of control” emotions that need to be healed.

Let me tell you about me. When I was growing up, the messages from the adults who took care of me – messages that were spoken and unspoken – in the ways I was treated or ignored. The bulk of those messages was that I didn’t matter, that basically the little girl that I was, was never going to be good enough. And I grew up into a woman who never thought she was good enough.

Now, feeling unworthy, I could have gone one of two ways with that number being laid on me … I could have crawled in a hole, curled up in a fetal position and internalized it. Sadness, guilt and ultimately – Depression. Giving up.

Or, the belief that I am so inadequate, that I must do everything within my ability to MAKE people believe that I am worthy. We can also go back and forth between the two.


Mostly, I struggled outwardly to seek validation – in a very high-profile way. I became a TV news reporter and anchor… what better way to seek attention? I’m on TV, people recognize me, they tell me I’m smart and talented. I’m continually fed from the outside with admiration and approval. You see this all the time on Facebook. “Look at me. Look at how sexy or perky or accomplished or smart I am”. How many “likes” did I get. How many Facebook friends do I have. It can become an addiction because it fills our need for attention – for approval seeking.

I did that for years, for decades. Like a beggar, continuously seeking approval, “Will you like me, will you like me and respect me and accept me?” But no matter how much the outside world “approves” of you or likes you or thinks you’re uber- successful…. It’s never enough. Because deep, down in side, YOU DON’T BELIEVE that you’re worthy. Look at Robin Williams or Anthony Bourdain, famous men who, in the depths of depression, ended their lives.


If you recognize a little or a lot of this despair in YOU, it can all change if you want it to. If you’re at the point of not wanting those conflicting feelings anymore… your assignment – and the way I see it, the most important assignment in our life, is to learn how to turn your attention inward, to navigate your invisible inner world where you’re able to bring your life into alignment and release the struggles and false beliefs underpinning them.


I have students and clients who call it Enlightenment, Self-actualization, Freedom. In my work, it’s called Emotional Liberation. And if you know my work, you know my method embraces the power of Soul & Science…. ancient active meditation, thoughtful use of cannabis plant medicine surrounded by like-minded community to practice this new lifestyle together.


Coming up in a few weeks, I’ll be launching my new 8-week Emotional Expansion Master Course. This program will give you the simple steps to gain clarity, discover your purpose and revel in self-love and self-trust. When that healing begins happening, a new world opens up to you. If this sounds good to you keep an eye out – I’ll be sending out details in a little while.


Meantime, what do you think of this term “Walking Wounded” … do know people in your life like that … are you one? Drop down to the comments section and let me know. I’m Becca and I want you to lead a marvelous life – the life of your dreams and I want ti help you do that.