Why the 60’s psychedelic revolution didn’t work

There’s a lot of talk these days about getting the most out of a psychedelic journey. Of course, if you’re plotting and planning to do one, it makes sense that you focus on the best way to leverage the experience in the long-term. And as I discuss in this reprise video, that also means taking a cue from how the 60’s missed the mark. 


2 thoughts on “Why the 60’s psychedelic revolution didn’t work”

  1. In all the spiritual programs, counseling and therapy I’ve engaged in, I have yet to find long term, lifelong healing from the emotional trauma I’ve endured and the emotional turmoil I continue to experience. I want so badly to find a concrete solution to emotional healing. I firmly believe that Divine Intervention guided me to the Conscious Community Facebook group that you started, Becca. I also believe that I will be forever grateful for this guidance and for you!

    • Phyllis 💖🙏 Your desire, intention and perseverance are the exact “skills” to bring into this work. You are a serious student! My favorite kind 😘


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