A cry for help

I often get letters from folks sharing their experiences and asking questions. This correspondence can offer spectacular insights and musings that answer questions that many others have on their mind. So I’m sharing one with you today…

The maverick doc who put medical cannabis on the map

Given the whoosh that we're now seeing in the popular rise of psychedelics, it's easy to lose sight of the long hard slog toward legalization of cannabis in the U.S. Over the years, courageous professionals, against all odds, have stepped up in the face of prosecution and persecution to establish new hard won perspectives about this remarkable plant medicine.

The Beatles and psychedelics

The history of the legendary Beatles has been reignited in a new Netflix documentary called "Get Back." And in an intriguing interview with Terry Gross on her NPR show, Fresh Air, Paul McCartney talks about the Beatles' use of psychedelics and meditation.

Gurdjieff: Your misery will save you 😳

He was what you'd call a modern day mystic committed to waking up as many people as possible. Waking up? George I. Gurdjieff's mission was to guide people living in the U.S. and Europe to higher consciousness believing that humans exist in a state of "waking sleep"...


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