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  1. I can relate to this experience of growing older in a culture that rewards youth and being pretty. On the other hand, at 62, it’s interesting for me to explore the space and freedom that comes with being less visible, but it still takes practice. When I was in my 40’s, I remember being in the gym and seeing a poster of a buff old guy, bare chested in his trunks wearing boxing gloves. The caption read “getting older isn’t for sissies!”; it always stuck with me. Thinking its harder yet for women.

    I miss you Becca and I miss the work I did with our Emotional Liberation group! It changed my life in significant ways.

    • Tori! 💝 Yes, I agree, getting older in this culture makes us less visible – what we do to get comfortable with that means “replacing” that loss with being able to say “I see you” to ourselves, which can be a tough assignment (but, on the other hand, what else do we have to do, lol!).

      I’ll be back on the radar soon – I hope you’ll join me in one way or another! It’d be lovely to have you back.

  2. Hi Becca!! Hoping all is well for you in Portugal. 😁 As a man, I don’t feel the same pressure to maintain my outer looks but I certainly have had panicked/fearful feelings around aging. I think part of the fear comes from a fear of becoming “irrelevant” or forgotten as time goes on. If I’m less able to produce good work, stay current, or work as hard as I used to… Am I still deserving of love? Of course the answer is yes! But it’s the fear and doubt that creeps in that can make me forget this fact. So thank you for the reminder. 😌🙏

    • Chris/Osiris! You are so very welcome:)

      And par usual, you cut to the chase! You’ll always have that gift.

      If it’s not looks, it’s something else that so many of us have adapted as survival strategies & coping mechanisms… work hard, act cute or sexy, life of the party, high achiever, etc.

      But once we are able to embrace our full authenticity, we don’t think about what others think of us.

      At that point we can do anything we want for the sheer joy of experiencing our full self. But not everybody gets to that point in this life. Many people who retire haven’t done the deep inner work necessary to be comfortable in their own skin. So if they derived their self-image based on pleasing & being admired by others, and those venues have dried up, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

      I don’t see that happening to you because you’re very aware of the fear & doubt creeping in; the next thrill is processing it 😃

  3. You’re a beautiful soul, Rebecca…and that is what counts in the long run. And by the way, you look marvelous and always have so don’t forget that. OK?
    Keep up the good work and a very Happy New Year to you and Ron in your new home in Portugal!
    2023…FREE,,,YIPPEE! All about ME in ME!

    • Rosemary you’re too kind:)

      Just for the record, Rosemary here used to be the executive producer at a TV station where we worked together. She is as supportive today as she was back then.

      Rose you rock!

  4. You’re a beauty queen Becca! Beauty is so much more than looks – you’re generous, kind, deeply spirited and authentic – there’s nothing more beautiful! Thanks for reminding us how to keep this in perspective!


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