Why two sacred medicine paths? 

Over the past decade, my emotions work has been centered on curating environments where immersive experiences flourish – all within the comforting bounds of trust and safety.

Whether it’s online courses, personal sessions or retreats, it’s vital to create spaces where people interested in the use of psychedelic plant medicine for healing and spiritual transformation can feel at ease.

Let’s talk Taylor, deepfake porn, and the queer community

Call me backward, but my true introduction to the term “deepfake porn” came in January with the unsettling news of Taylor Swift becoming a victim of it. She emerged as the focus of what’s called, “image-based abuse” in January, where sexually explicit content is created using AI to realistically superimpose people’s faces onto bodies not their own. I was curious about it and with easy browsing, it didn’t take me long to find the repulsive internet images.

Just back from the U.S.! 

I had no idea what to expect. Ron and I have been living in Portugal now for a year-and-a-half and we just spent the last 2 weeks of February in Florida, where we used to live… the state of sunshine and where you can carry a concealed weapon without a permit if you’re over 21. But they’re trying to lower it to 18, because you know, 18 year-olds have such a firm handle on their temper.

Please Don’t Subject Me to Torture

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately in the wake of the death of Russian dissident Alexei Navalny. I often say I’m not afraid to die. Yes, I do love living – but I’m also fine with dying when the time comes.

Going to America!

I’m scurrying around, getting ready for Ron’s and my trip back to the states. I took a break to give you an update along with a little quick pick-me-up breath (which I hope you will do along with me:)

So figured I’d check-in, tell you about my U.S. trip and ask if you want to do this delicious calming yet relaxing breath with me?

When the world is falling apart

So many of us are watching with horror over the turmoil and suffering that’s happening around us – whether it’s in our backyard or other parts of the world. Violence and war and hunger, sickness, disease… among people, among animals.

Do shamans pick-up where gurus left off?

It used to be an easy shorthand to describe somebody at the top of their game as the “guru” of fill in the blank… the tech guru, the marketing guru, the fitness guru, etc. In Western vernacular, “guru,” came to mean someone who possesses deep wisdom, experience, and insights, and is often sought after for guidance or advice.

Ritual smoke: Keeping it together in altered states

I was on time but without a moment to spare, so I sneaked into the back of the crowded yoga session right before the teacher, who was new to me, locked the doors. I plopped down on a cushion, closed my eyes and began taking long deep breaths like the rest of the class. Long, deep belly breaths. But not for long.

The cultural shift from pills to psychedelics

Take a pill and feel better! As Westerners that’s what we’ve been conditioned to do. No muss, no fuss! Just take the pill and be done with it! Of course, as we know for these “mood managing”medications, the trade-off is side effects. The side effect reported to me most frequently is the narrowing of the whole emotional spectrum.

Are you a ghoster? 

The current trendy phrase for folks not getting back to you is “ghosting.” As in, “We went out a few times, and then they ghosted me.” But let’s not limit it to just dating – it happens in all sorts of relationships, be it professional, family, or friends. You might even be guilty of a little ghosting yourself, yes?