Just back from the U.S.! 

I had no idea what to expect. Ron and I have been living in Portugal now for a year-and-a-half and we just spent the last 2 weeks of February in Florida, where we used to live… the state of sunshine and where you can carry a concealed weapon without a permit if you’re over 21. But they’re trying to lower it to 18, because you know, 18 year-olds have such a firm handle on their temper.

Anyway, I have more to tell you about differences between my new normal, in my newly adopted country of Portugal and my old “normal” having lived in Florida.


4 thoughts on “Just back from the U.S.! ”

  1. Enjoyed listening to this and agree with all your observations, especially currently living in Texas (when not in Portugal. We’re planning to return in early May (for our double date dinner in Carvoeiro:)

  2. Totally agree! We just moved from Florida (Baltimore before that) to the Algarve (Vilamoura and now Lagos). Where can I find more info about the potluck? Thanks.


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