Alarming facts of Psychedelic hang-overs

I’ve never heard it referred to as a “psychedelic hangover” …that’s my term. But that’s how I describe what many of my clients and students have been talking to me about since I began teaching Emotional Liberation nearly 10 years ago. 

What’s been expressed in the intake interviews I do with them goes something like this, “Yeah, I tried psychedelics to feel better (ayahuasca, LSD, psilocybin, peyote, etc) but it didn’t help.” And often a follow-up comment like: “I felt better for a little while but the [fill in the blank emotion] ________ (anxiety, shame, depression, sadness, etc) came back. OR I heard, “I’ve never felt quite right since that psychedelic experience.”

It’s a disturbing and important issue and there’s a lot to be said so I am sharing it with you in this video. 


3 thoughts on “Alarming facts of Psychedelic hang-overs”

  1. Resources I mention in this video

    1) Challenging Psychedelic Experiences Project:

    2) Psychedelic integration challenges: Participant experiences after a psilocybin truffle retreat in the Netherlands:

    3) The Psychedelic Podcast interview with Jules Evans:

    4) Global Ayahuasca Survey Results Published on Adverse Effects:

  2. I had an experience with this in my early 20’s and the side effects lasted almost 6 months. It’s so important that people understand that there can be negative impacts.


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