This is the tagline on my website for why people should connect with me:

“When the pain of being stuck hurts more than the pain to change”

I think it’s brilliant – and I had nothing to do with creating it.

It actually comes from a man who emailed me thanking me for helping him quell the emotional turmoil he’d been wrestling with.

The funny thing is, I never met him.

He said what did the trick for him was the teachings in my videos and blogs that I share here in my emails, my Youtube channel and on my website. And then he laid that wisdom on me – saying his primary motivation was because the pain of being stuck hurts more than the pain to change.

I think it’s been said in similar ways… but it reminds me that you can’t push anybody toward change. They have to be ready to do it for themselves.

I bring this up because, as a teacher of transformation and emotional healing, I’m always looking for the most efficient and effective approaches for people to help themselves.  So I want to share a special opportunity with you to explore and experience a new side of cannabis that embraces the PSYCHEDELIC REALM that holds promise for exploring your invisible inner life. I have more in this blog:


That man said it all: “When the pain of being stuck hurts more than the pain to change”. That’s what has to happen for anybody who’s drained from living with the stress, the overwhelm, on-going patterns of roiling emotions that can undermine all aspects of life, including personal and professional relationships.

And it comes down to not just having a passing interest in changing – but being committed to it. And for those who are at this place in their life, committed to wanting to change, I see my work as doing everything within my power to support them – support you if this resonates.

So hence, my upcoming event – an Evening exploring Psychedelic Cannabis… An exploration with, if you so choose, the judicious use of High-THC cannabis.

For those familiar with my work and have joined me for cannabis elevation ceremonies, or online events or studied with me, you’ll note that this is a departure from what I usually do.

Because what we usually do is include small amounts – “micro-dosing” – of cannabis to amplify the expressive kundalini practices that we use. And this can be very emotionally healing. But some people can’t break through stuck emotions and blocks, which is often referred to as “armoring” … like Armor.  And armoring can be a pattern where pent-up tension blocks or interferes with the ability to express emotions… and bringing them up so they can be released.

So I have people who come to me and say “Hey Becca, you know, in your gatherings, people are talking about how much relief they’re getting through these experiences, but say “I can’t feel anything. I’m numb! What do I do?”

So, this event coming up, might be a possible answer to that…  regardless of whether you decide to amplify with levels of cannabis that could be considered “psychedelic”. This approach is based on Daniel McQueen’s body of work. Daniel is the edgy and pioneering psychedelic therapist who coined the term “psychedelic cannabis” and has reframed the perspective on using high THC cannabis for taking us into deep meditative states. And, because I want to support people in their healing, this intrigues me as it may be an approach to using cannabis… coming at it from a different direction.

And I believe this is going to be a very intriguing evening for the consciousness explorers and adventurers among us. It’s on a pretty auspicious evening – the last Saturday of October, which happens to be the evening of the FULL MOON and All Hallows’ Eve. And we’ve arranged it so that if you have an obligation to go out and trick-or-treat, the event is not starting until 7pm on west coast and 10pm on the east coast.

The link to register is below and once you reserve your spot, you will get access to 4 short videos I’ve prepared for you covering every aspect of what you’ll need to know coming into the evening. Including how to prepare your psychedelic cannabis IF you’re going that route.

So consider joining us in exploring this very innovative approach that can create an energetic alignment that is deeply healing.

This work is all about exploration and experimentation – and categorically it attracts explorers and experimenters. And the beautiful part is that the safety profile of cannabis is scientifically established.  And I will be curating an evening of safety and connection for you.

Drop down to the comments section if you have any questions. I look forward to being your trusted guide for the evening, which will run about 2-and-a-half hours. There’s limited space with this special price.

I’m Becca Williams and I want you to lead your most magnificent life and I want to help you do that… and here’s one approach to doing just that.