A number of years ago I followed a popular quasi-vegan diet called macrobiotics. Maybe you’ve heard of it?
It was imported from Japan and was actually more than a diet – it was a way of living in balance and embraced the Eastern spiritual principles of yin and yang, or the rhythms of the Universe. It was quite elegant actually.
However, as we are wont to do in the West, we seized the diet and ignored the rest of its vital elements that were about nurturing contemplation and presence. Yes, I lost weight and had more energy but didn’t really grock the rhythms of the Universe thing.

And then there’s Woke and Awakened

I bring this up because it very much reminds me of the term “woke,” that’s often heard these days in activist and political circles. Generally it implies that a “woke” person is becoming more aware of things outside themselves that they’ve never paid attention to before (i.e. a white person being “woke” to systemic injustice against people of color).
But like the stripped meaning of macrobiotics in the West, “woke” is a term that’s actually quite the opposite of its genesis in Eastern wisdom: “awakened.”
Mystics, saints, sages and other realized beings are often referred to as being spiritually awakened. The Buddha was awakened. Jesus was awakened. Moses was awakened… to name three timeless examples.

Hint: this is not being woke

“Awakened” or awakening is an inward experience. It’s all about an inner exploration that puts you in a state of alignment with your higher power. Spiritual awakening is an altered state of perception – a higher consciousness. When you’re in the midst of moving toward this, you come to see yourself as whole and complete. No fear and a deep abiding trust that all is well.

We Swiped Woke from Awakened 

On the other hand, being “woke” is a singularly outward experience. It’s often characterized by a “we versus them” perspective. Once “woke”, a person may become embittered and distracted about things they see as unfair or unjust. This anger can undermine their lives and engender bad blood. Certainly not the soul stroking progression of becoming awakened. ‘Woke’ people then are acting in ways completely opposite to a truly awakened individual.

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With Love, Becca

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“Who looks outside dreams. Who looks inside awakens.”

– Carl Jung