He Uses Cannabis as an Emotional Healer

Cannabis is an emotional healer for me! Suddenly when I smoke I start to cry thinking about the past. And I get certain feelings when I smoke that come to the surface – feelings I have been suppressed now come free and get released. Also it’s healed my whole body too. My bones or ears or teeth start aching as a result of healing. – Yakup


Dear Yakup,

Thank you for your field report and how cannabis has served as your healer. What I and my community have experienced is that while cannabis often puts us in touch with the emotions that we need to release, pairing it with an approach that moves energy can act as a powerful catalyst for permanent release of layers of trauma.

In my Emotional Liberation approach we use kundalini-like active meditation – that I also refer to as “industrial strength meditation” with the judicious and “conscious” use of cannabis plant medicine. Learn more about it in this video: Experience the Release of Difficult Emotions 

With Love, Becca

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