The 3 (Magic) Words That Make Friends and Influence People

Sometimes the most powerful lessons are the ones we need a constant reminder of – the kind of timeless wisdom you can rely on over and over again no matter what stage you’re at. I went back to the archives and picked out one of my short but impactful favorites. 

I’m sharing it again because it is a reminder to continue to put your awesomeness into the world and this is a small but important way to do it…

Sometimes you just wanna get it done. Right? Either you’re pressured, maybe on a deadline. Maybe frustrated or irritated that you gotta be doing it in the first place. And this can be at home, at work, or simply taking care of something over the phone. And you want it done now! Sure, you can be a brat about it. Push, push push “I hope we can do this quickly, because I’m in a hurry!”

I’m suggesting something different. I’m suggesting that you give people the benefit of the doubt that they’re hopping to it for you. Mostly, I find that people want to be helpful – the people you work with, your partner, a friend. 

So here’s where those 3 magic words come in: When someone close to you or somebody at a service desk says, “I’ll take care of that for you right away!”

You say: get ready for it… “Thanks. Take your time.” 

How often do you hear that from someone, “Take your time”? This serves two valuable purposes: First, the difference between, “Take your time” versus “Could you hurry it up” is radically different and re-sets the energetic boundary between you and another person. Think about it, when someone says to you “Take your time” doesn’t that lift the pressure and put you in a different frame of mind?

In my experience, the person you just said that to is not going to work any slower. But you’ve initiated a whole new dynamic. The second point is that it makes you a kinder person and when you offer up that spaciousness to another, it makes you feel good.

I invite you to try this as a daily practice. This can also be a real bonus for your intimate relationships – because it feels good to the other person when you’ve extended that kindness. And kindness begets kindness.

With Love,


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8 thoughts on “The 3 (Magic) Words That Make Friends and Influence People”

  1. it really does feel SO nice when someone says this to me now that you point it out, wow. I’m definitely gna extend it to others too, thanks!

    • Tina! 😍 It does feel so good!
      It’s that sacred equation where both the giver and receiver are blessed with the good feeling of gifting and being gifted.

  2. thanks 4 this amaZEN gentle remynder! U aRe sooo trU!! eye say 2 myself…my partners…moons(daughters) and suns az well az grandmoons and grandsuns…no hurry…no worry…BE gentle and rooted..thank U 4 your gr8nessfreqwinsee!!! EYE LOVE U EYE APPRECIATE U BEAUTIFULLBRILLIANT BECCA!!!!!!!thank U 4 sharing your sacred space with us!


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