Not Such a “Silly Cannabis Fanboy”!

I use cannabis medicinally and religiously almost. I mean I hold it as sacred and healing. I started out smoking about a year ago. It calmed my anxiety to a manageable point and relief from nerve pain has got me out of the house and on many walks and better diet.

I’ve lost a lot of weight and have been doing great for about a year now. I’ve rekindled an interest in personality traits, philosophy and exploring my spiritual intuition and following it where it leads me. I know cannabis isn’t for everyone but if you’re like me, I’ve found a huge blessing in this plant.

It could be the silly cannabis fanboy in me but it’s been very beneficial to my well being. I’m happy it’s natural and I don’t have to take rx with all their side effects. It also has the ability to inspire me to appreciate and want to create again. – Curtis


Dear Curtis, it IS for our wellbeing! Let go of any doubt. You know in your heart-of-hearts that this is physical and spiritual medicine. I find it’s important to know how to work with her at a Soul level and that is what we do in my Emotional Liberation work. I invite you and anyone else who is serious about exploring this avenue to join me for my weekly ONLINE “Adulting Adventure” with active meditation and cannabis. 

With Love, Becca

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