Do You Spew Your Toxic Anger Or Is It A Steady Drizzle?

How’s your temper? Do you have one? (In fact, the answer is yes – most people have a temper, even if they don’t think they do 😜)

In our society, the proverbial “bull in the china shop” gets all the Anger notoriety. However, another prominent shade of Anger is the repressed “complaining, blaming, whining and irritated” Anger. They’re both toxic – to you as well as others. In fact, you might have a life long pattern of doing both?

Yet it’s not about Anger management. It’s next to impossible to say, “I’m going to STOP this disturbing, self-limiting behavior!” And here’s the reason why:

The purpose of Anger, whether it’s the expressed “bull in the china shop” kind or the low-key seething (that often happens around the office water cooler) is about protecting ourselves from – get ready for it – a deep hurt, abuse or being disrespected. We don’t feel loved.

Getting angry is the default because it’s too devastating for us to feel the deep hurt, the abuse, the disrespect that somewhere along the line, likely in our young lives, crept in and left a lasting traumatic emotional mark. Even at the highest echelons where material “success” resides there are the stories of the Anger ogres – Steve Jobs, Bobby Brown, Sean Penn, Naomi Campbell, and on and on.

Anger is a hot and readily available punishing emotion that we armor ourselves with and (try to) get what we need even when the result leaves our personal, intimate and professional relationships in smoldering shambles.

Does that feel like some psycho-babble that you don’t want any part of? Or does it resonate with you to explore this shadow side in order to release yourself from the tenacious grasp of anger and other difficult emotions?

Regardless of where you are in the world, I have a couple of ways you can join me for Elevation Ceremonies (that include cannabis plant medicine or not – your choice).


Locally in Denver

If you’re in the Denver area, you can join me for in person for our Cannabis Elevation Ceremonies, or at Denver’s cozy meditation center, Mayu (my-you) Sanctuary (these are without cannabis plant medicine). I love this place; it’s not associated with any tradition or belief, just “Calm in the Center”. You can view the schedule for these events here.


From Anywhere in the World

Well, I finally flicked the switch! My mighty little team launched ONLINE Cannabis Elevation Ceremonies! It’s a grand experiment in virtual ceremony to be among like-minded people from all over the world who are exploring emotional fluency and how to live a life without triggers and drama.

The registration page for upcoming Online Ceremonies is here. If this is something you’d like to explore, I’m offering them for free because, well, because once I became emotionally liberated from a trauma load that would gag a gorilla, all I was left wanting to do was support others in their emotional liberation. It’s heaven on earth.

Take an Emotional Liberation meditation for a test run. Here’s the link to Emotion as Intuition where I do the practice right along with you. Let me know how it goes!

Now that I know how, I want to show you how to turn your difficult emotions into allies that will lead you to the life of your deepest desires free of triggers and drama. These gatherings, sacred and communal, are the best way I know for us to do that.

We’ll be opening up the mics at the top of the hour to check-in briefly with a few of our attendees. Sharing our stories of learning how to release difficult emotions is a powerful catalyst for others. Emotional Liberation for everyone!

Whether in person or online, I look toward to our time together.

I’m here for any other questions you might have.

With Love, Becca

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