The Third Frontier of Cannabis, Psycho-Spiritual

I went to a fascinating event where the theme was how psychedelic medicines will shape the society of the future.

There was lots of discussion about cannabis – particularly using it with intention for safe and sacred healing journey experiences. In fact, this approach to employing cannabis as a spirit plant has been referred to as cannabis’ Third Frontier

Those of us in the cannabis community are well acquainted with the first two frontiers – medical and Adult Use (recreational). 

Now, the psycho-spiritual dimension is coming into sharper focus. And it’s this Third Frontier that may offer answers for healing a society suffering from emotional poverty.

We’re early into exploring this dimension and, as you may know, it’s the centerpiece of my work as reflected in this video: 5 Reasons Cannabis works as a Spirit Plant.


Cannabis Ceremonies for Sacred Exploration

That’s what my Cannabis Ceremonies are all about … safe and sacred healing, imbued with Eastern technologies of the wise ancients.

My Cannabis Ceremonies are experiential evenings for going deep into this territory. The ancient and esoteric energizing practices we employ are likely nothing you’ve experienced before. And the lift of our beloved Spirit Plant medicine thins the boundary between the conscious and unconscious, amplifies our awareness and stimulates going inward while heightening the effects of the practices.

If you or a loved one are looking for relief from difficult emotions, do check out my site. If you’re in the Denver area, here’s the Events Calendar for your planning purposes. Complimentary (and always optional) plant medicine is included. Whether you’re a returning participant or new to the experience, I hope you’ll consider joining me. 

And for those of you who have an interest but are not in the area, please know that I’m launching on-line gatherings that will allow us to explore the Third Frontier in a virtual environment. You can view upcoming dates and register here.

Have a wonderful rest of the week,


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