Mari Juana (Just for fun)

We’re all “COVID-19 weary” these days and so I figured I’d share with you some rare gems that have been in my YouTube vault.

A few years ago when I was producing pilots for a TV show called Marijuana Straight Talk, we made some edgy “eye roll” videos. It included a series where I imagined the spirit of the cannabis plant, Mari Juana. As you’ll see in these videos, she held forth on topics such as Lovemaking Wisdom, Death Awareness and more.

Enjoy 🙂

Drop down to the comments section and let me know your take on the Spirit of the Plant!

With Love, Becca

Ask the Cannabis Plant: Meet Mari Juana

Insights from the cannabis plant herself.

Meet our version of Mari.

Lovemaking Wisdom from the Plant

Cannabis has been in the bedrooms of sages and kings, artists and romantics throughout human existence.

Here, Mari Juana, gives us the benefit of thousands of years of lovemaking experience.

Marijuana Knows Your Love of Altered States

Face it, you love variations in your consciousness, dear human. It goes both ways; Mari loves to stimulate your awareness. And it can be VERY rewarding.

How Death Awareness Can Change Your Life

Ah death. Halloween makes liberal use of the concept but, as a culture, we tend to keep an arm’s length from the REAL thing. Not so with this video.