Gurdjieff: Your misery will save you 😳

He was what you’d call a modern day mystic committed to waking up as many people as possible. Waking up? George I. Gurdjieff’s mission was to guide people living in the U.S. and Europe to higher consciousness believing that humans exist in a state of “waking sleep”…

Try this neuro-workout for calm clarity

Recently I hosted an event for our online community – a “neuro-workout” for conditioning and toning the nervous system to keep you cool in times of crisis. These breathwork practices are simple but very effective in clearing whatever may be disturbing you.

The twilight zone of psilocybin and cannabis

With the sizzling public embrace of cannabis – and now psychedelics, it’s comforting to know that lovable law geeks like Gary Smith are around to keep us on the legal tip. Gary’s expertise in these medicines offers a helpful road map in navigating the gray areas.

The Third Frontier of Cannabis, Psycho-Spiritual

I went to a fascinating event where the theme was how psychedelic medicines will shape the society of the future. There was lots of discussion about cannabis – particularly using it with intention for safe and sacred healing journey experiences. In fact, this approach to employing cannabis as a spirit plant has been referred to as cannabis’ Third Frontier.  … Read more