I get letters…
“It is so good to hear someone else talking about this! I stumbled upon this intentional healing practice with cannabis after having what could be called my initial Kundalini experience and it is truly amazing and has helped me face and release so much trauma!
It helped me to move into a whole new healthier paradigm of perception and living. I often use sound movement, nature, and housework while practicing – and it works wonders for balancing my emotions (energy), having epiphanies & rising above situations so that I can see them more clearly and deal with life through healthier and wiser strategies.
Thank you for speaking out about this!”
– Virginia H.

This is what I call a “field report” and love that I’m getting more and more of them these days. The reports, like Virginia’s, are smart, detailed and passionate about how cannabis is opening them up like they’ve never been opened before.

And why not?

When we’re carrying around a load of stress and overwhelm that would gag a gorilla, we’re naturally searching, often desperately, for ways to relieve ourselves of it.

We gotta do something, right? We’re awash in difficult and challenging, even perilous, times. And living with roiling emotions that throw us into a sea of suffering is no way to live. But this can be the push we need to do something about it. Finding different and creative approaches to going inward can be birthed out of desperation, and often is.

Adrift & lost in a sea of distraction

In my Emotional Liberation work, I have the privilege of folks opening and sharing their hearts with me. Many have worked hard at not feeling. (Digital technology, in particular, can serve to keep us in a nearly constant distracted state of emotional numbness.) But working hard at not feeling what we’re feeling because we feel so shitty is a losing game that can get really old and drive us to start “waking up”. In fact, that’s usually how people find their way to me – they’re seeking emotional training to move stuck energy and off load nagging stress and fear.

Enter our beloved cannabis.

The anecdotal evidence (stories like Virginia’s above) of cannabis playing a major role in emotional healing is abundant. The science less so – 40-years of cannabis prohibition also prohibited research on the plant. However, today, we’re playing catch-up in the lab and an unfolding number of studies are drawing connections between cannabinoids (those chemicals found in cannabis) and emotional healing. This includes emerging evidence that cannabis chemicals can help us diminish traumatic memories to increasing neuroplasticity – in other words, rewiring the brain.

In my work, I pair cannabis with active breathwork, kundalini and other tools that supply super levels of intensity. This approach for hundreds who I’ve worked with, reduces stress, overcomes frustration and sadness and returns them to a place that feels comforting and secure.

If you’re being drawn to exploring a new way of living, I invite you to try this out. I call it: “Adulting Adventure” – It’s not “adulting” because of the cannabis, but because you’re at a place in your life where you’re asking “How do I make sense of it all?” You have all the answers inside of you and that’s where we go during our time together – a deep dive that will put you in touch with your Higher Self. For REAL.

It’s my gift to our awakening community.

Our gatherings are a safe and nurturing environment where we can be ourselves and feel welcomed among like-minded others. It’s the best – as it gets so tiring pretending that we’re not feeling what we’re feeling. We gotta feel it so that we can release it:)

If you haven’t connected with me yet to register for Thursday night’s gathering, here’s the link.