20% off supplements for your “temple” (Regretfully, U.S. Only)

As a clinician, I have a professional account with Wellevate and I’m offering a fabulous 20% discount. I used to limit this discount to my students. But now as I return to my teaching after a long break, I’ve decided I want to thank you for being with me during my transition and am extending to you this 20% discount onleading brand nutritional supplements (read: the good stuff).

You can shop Wellevate’s entire inventory and also take a look at my customized dispensary. I have included supplements that support microdosing regiments – and more will be coming (finally, I have the time!).

Thank you for joining me! Practice More Self-Care with this 20% discount

However, I find that our community is a smart bunch and you often have supplements that you use regularly… so have at it!

Your Body is Your Temple… Make it Shimmer

I’m all about optimizing the energy of your mind, body, and spirit. We want you firing on all cylinders! My emotions work takes care of your mind and spirit… but I also believe in optimal nutrition where we want to nurture our physical body – so that clear thinking and strong intuition reside in the “golden temple” of your body.  

Simply go to the link and click on “Create an Account” and then you can directly access my recommended supplements and/or shop the full Wellevate supplement catalog and order what you desire. 

So please enjoy this 20% off MSRP on all products. Plus Wellevate gives you FREE shipping on all orders of $49 or more (I like that a lot)

With Love,

P.S. Still thinking about joining me in Portugal?! I’ve added TWO MORE RETREAT DATES – in September and October. I have specially chosen our location for a week of dedicated practice, transformational processes, music, meditation, amazing food and lots of laughter. Cross the pond and join me!

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