It doesn’t matter what you know about cannabis – whether you’re absolutely new or an old hand with the plant. You just have to be game to do some thoughtful Inner exploration with it and find your sweet spot. It could be lavish amounts of THC, the compound that gets you high, or CBD, the “non-high” compound – OR anything in between.

Because we are all so biochemically different, one type of cannabis may suit you just swell, while the same cultivar for someone else could throw them into a rough-and-tumble couch lock.

If you wish to explore your true spiritual potential with the artful application of Yogic science – including the mystical and esoteric use of cannabis, join me this Thursday evening for our Adulting Adventure with Active Meditation & Cannabis Plant Medicine.

Come and explore your Inner world so that you can clarify what needs to be changed in your life. I teach and guide it; It’s effective and efficient for releasing difficult emotions of all kinds.

If you’re being drawn to exploring a new way of living, I invite you to try this out. You have all the answers inside of you and that’s where we go during our time together – a deep dive that will put you in touch with your Higher Self to meet and release what’s knocking loudest on your head. It’s my gift to our awakening community.

Our gatherings are a safe and nurturing environment. If you haven’t connected with me yet to register for Thursday night’s gathering, here’s the link. (If you have, you’re set to go!)

Make sure you create a comfy private place for yourself and have your cannabis by your side if you’ll be partaking.

With Love,