For real? Demons, entities and psychedelic plant medicine

Demons – or spirit entities are a very real thing in the beliefs of indigenous cultures. And one of the beliefs is that whenever a person is in a state of altered consciousness, a portal can open for these malicious entities to “possess” a person – and maybe hang around long after. Having said that, we know that when a person takes psychedelics they are entering an altered state of consciousness.

Kundalini rising from the “Harvey Weinstein of Yoga”

I have an abiding interest in this. As you may know, an important aspect of my work pulls from kundalini yoga – along with a potent blend of ancient Hindu traditions, microdosing of plant medicines and brain science – all focused on relieving emotional distress and trauma. Because a component of my work is rooted … Read more

6 ways to sharpen your emotional maturity

The bedrock of emotional maturity is learning, as I am fond of saying: “to surf the waves of uncertainty with grace and perseverance.” In order to do this we must be able to efficiently process the triggering emotions that arise when someone does or says something — or an errant thought arises that upsets us.