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Emotional Expansion Master Series

Emotional Expansion Master Series

I’m so glad that you’re discovering my emotions work, as it reveals a new day dawning in how to heal ourselves. If this deep immersive process intrigues you and you’d like to learn more, I invite you to add yourself to my waitlist using the form below. Meantime, I’ve moved from the United States to Portugal, am getting situated and settled and practicing from this southern European country. During this transition, I’m also developing new online course offerings and live retreats that I can’t wait to share with you! Stay in touch
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Reclaim Your Self Esteem

Haunted by Guilt? Controlled by Shame? Transcend your triggers & trauma.

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Haunted by Guilt? Controlled by Shame? Transcend your triggers & trauma.

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Learn to “read and feed” your flaming Desires | Embrace Depression (for real) to rise to new heights

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What students are saying

Hunter Y, Colorado

Hunter, a student of Emotional Liberation, talks with our community nurturer Carsey about two important questions that often come up about this work: 1) His experience in the group setting where students stay anonymous. 2) And his exploration of cannabis and psilocybin microdosing as a tool in the emotional recovery work.

Chris H, California

Chris, a student of Emotional Liberation talks about his experience in this extended interview sharing his thoughts on the work itself, Becca’s approach, the group dynamic, the addition of plant medicine and how different the meditation practices are.


Do I need to use plant medicine in doing this work?

Absolutely not. This work can be done with or without plant medicine. The experience of my previous and current participants in their own words is that their experience is “enhanced” by microdosing as it opens them more deeply to the introspection and resulting insights brought about by our work together.

You can be confident that if you decide to include plant medicine, regardless of your experience (or no experience) with these substances, you will be fully supported and guided in every aspect from effective protocols to convenient resources.

Your privacy is my utmost concern. When you participate, you retain your anonymity by choosing the name and likeness of your favorite mythological or fantasy creature (for example, recent AKA’s have included Thunderbird, Phoenix, Inanna, Airmid). Students enjoy this fun approach to their anonymity and say that our group environment builds safety, trust, confidence and helps you understand that everyone has common emotional upsets and patterns from the past – and can heal them!

As a clinician, I know that changing behaviors is challenging because it requires you to disrupt a current habit while simultaneously fostering a new unfamiliar set of actions. You will ease into this transformation as your new behaviors start to become automatic. During the 8-weeks we’re together, we meet twice a week for 90-minutes. Our group processing nurtures and strengthens your awareness so you can apply your new tools and skills in your everyday life. It will become the way of your new life.

A person becomes addicted to something because they’re trying to numb the hurt of underlying psychic wounds. They don’t want to feel the hurt so they use a variety of coping mechanisms that includes substances like alcohol and drugs.

This is the opposite of what we do in our emotional recovery work – where we open to the emotions that are troubling us so that we can feel them. The judicious and intentional use of microdosing psilocybin and cannabis can support and amplify this process. Having said that, remember that including these substances is entirely optional and you always have the choice of trying them later if that calls to you.

My mission and vision is to offer the most efficient and effective approach to your emotional recovery, so I personally give you the tools and teach you the skills that put you in the driver’s seat. This is vitally important because when we begin inviting up our feelings – and I’m not going to sugar-coat this – it can be very unsettling. So I teach you how to self-adjust so that you can manage yourself to optimize your experience and healing; you’re always in control. In addition, the group offers a remarkable dimension of support and compassion as each student does this deep inner work.

I have made the tuition for both the 8-weeks and full Master Series very accessible so that cost is not an issue. You can pay in full or in easy auto-payments with a 14-day money back guarantee that begins when the course starts, not a moment before.

The tuition is a fraction of the cost of regular talk therapy and I’m told by students that they’ve experienced more healing from this coursework than many years of therapy. Or don’t believe that you need to spend thousands of dollars to go to India or Peru to sit at the feet of an ashram master or in an ayahuasca circle to find peace and tranquility. Stay here and join me in a private community where you’ll get cutting-edge step-by-step guidance that will move you closer to the life of your dreams.