Ego death: the pain and beauty

Every day I slip a “vest” harness on my little dog, Sawyer. He looks forward to it because it means he’s going for his walk – and like most dogs, he loves his walks! But early on, as an abused rescue who was kept in a cage, Sawyer didn’t have the slightest idea of what I was doing.

Scared of a tough conversation?

Elaine needed to talk to her partner about a touchy issue that kept coming up in their relationship. She was scared to have the conversation. In the past, she’d just shut-up and suck it up – or be very wishy-washy in how she conveyed the information.

Ayahusaca’s dark side

Anthropologist Jeremy Narby lived with indigenous Indians of the Amazonian rainforest and studied the ways of ayahuasca shamans and their relationship with the ayahuasca “plant teacher.”

Is “Mental Health” a dirty word?

I was in a committed relationship a number of years back where my then-partner and I decided to get some couples counseling. My partner was in business and scared to death that somebody would find out that we were seeing a therapist.