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The 3 (Magic) Words That Make Friends and Influence People

Sometimes the most powerful lessons are the ones we need a constant reminder of – the kind of timeless wisdom you can rely on over and over again no matter what stage you’re at. I went back to the archives and picked out one of my short but impactful favorites.  I’m sharing it again because it is a reminder to continue to put your awesomeness into the world and this is a small but important way to…

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Review of the robotic AI “Soul Guide”

The rise of artificial intelligence has been quietly creeping into our lives until, suddenly, it’s everywhere! Have you noticed?  I even recently got a piece of email that gave me a double-take – an ad for an AI-powered “Soul Guide”. More on the Soul Guide in this video.
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Why Retreat Microdosing

If you’re looking forward to the possibility of joining me for one of my retreats in the future, I want to take a couple of minutes to explain an important dimension of my gatherings.
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With Love from Portugal: The “Friendly” Gap… Why Americans Find the Portuguese So Open and Warm

Kindness is such a powerful medicine isn’t it? When someone extends a kindness to me or an act of generosity it’s natural to take that special energy and pay it forward. In other words, kindness can beget kindness. That’s why I believe (you too?) that when we choose positivity it’s an energy that enhances everyone’s life and each person touched by it is inclined to pay it forward as well. This is the between-the-lines meaning of…

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Why a “Yoga Body” is not enough

If you pay any attention to social media – such as Instagram or TikTok, you can see countless displays of beautiful bodies bending, flexing and flowing on a yoga mat. However this “yoga” in the Western world is vastly different than the yoga that emerged as an experiential science out of India thousands of years ago. And it’s this ancient yogic science that sets forth how you need to proceed to train your mind and open…

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Bouncing Back from Upset

When was the last time you had a heart-to-heart with someone about something meaningful to you? I don’t mean a one-sided conversation – but a heartfelt interaction with a person you value who was invested as much as you in the discussion. There might have been voice raising, tears, and emphatic gestures.
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