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Beyond microdosing – Your nervous system wants THIS! 

Maybe you’ve been searching for ways to feel better emotionally – and have come across microdosing. That is taking tiny amounts of psilocybin for out-of-control emotions… to reduce anxiety and irritability, relieve depression and boredom and, over all, wanting a greater sense of wellbeing. 
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How wise are you? Take this quiz

A friend of mine was telling me about her doctor who has diagnostic tools that measure the age of the cells in a human body. “I’m 58 chronologically but my body is that of a 62 year old,” she said matter of factly, quoting the results her doctor gave her. I was astounded. “Is this something new?” I asked. “No, he’s been doing it for years,” she explained, “and tracking it.” Some years her “cell age”…

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Here’s the bridge to your Soul

Being able to decipher this mystery is the code to living life effortlessly and easily… I mean it!   When I learned about this “bridge,” it brought order and meaning to my life – I want to explain in this video. You know, many of us seek soulfulness, being with our inner Self, through many different ways – we may walk in nature, meditate, through religion or poetry or art.  Certainly we can find soul…

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Secret Sauce for Intimate Relationships

Have you ever noticed how, after any number of years being together, we can say some pretty petty things to our intimate partners? Of course, intimate relationships mean that we’re going to be with that person through all kinds of moods – theirs and ours. So it’s not unusual, for instance, that my partner would say something to me, innocently enough, and if I’m in a weird mood, I might throw back a snarky answer. “I…

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Top 5 Ways to Prepare for a Mass Extinction 

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Maybe you too? Whether it’s 5 years, 10 years, 20 years or more we’re hurdling toward wiping out life as we know it on this planet. That includes wiping out us.  I am so much fun, aren’t I?! But I believe we have to name it … the global climate upheaval, the overfishing of our seas, the pollution of our air, water and ground. Drowning in our own garbage, the…

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Do you prefer a tumor?

“I never get angry,” says a character in one of Woody Allen’s movies. “I grow a tumor instead.” This is a hilarious line but a poignant reminder how profoundly emotions can affect our human physiological functioning. Yet, as a culture, we generally place our physical well-being over our emotional well-being. We see it all the time… we conscientiously undertake routine physical health check-ups, but the idea of undergoing a mental check-up isn’t a thing. Isn’t it…

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