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Being WOKE ain’t being AWAKENED

A number of years ago I followed a popular quasi-vegan diet called macrobiotics. Maybe you've heard of it? It was imported from Japan and was actually more than a diet – it was a way of living in balance and embraced the Eastern spiritual principles of yin and yang, or the rhythms of the Universe.

I get letters… cannabis & processing emotions

I often get letters from folks sharing their experiences… I call them "Field Reports". And these field reports offer spectacular insights and musings that answer questions that many others have on their mind. So I'm sharing one with you today.

Bringing Cannabis and Soul Searching Together

I refer to my Emotional Liberation® work as the “third wave” of cannabis. That is combining cannabis plant medicine with exploring our deeper consciousness, often referred to as “cannabis and spirituality” … a handy but not entirely accurate reference.

When you don’t want the “cannabis-assisted” part

What does “cannabis-assisted” emotions therapy look like without the cannabis? Recently, I got that very question. It wouldn’t be the first. In this case, a woman who’s interested in my cannabis-assisted Emotional Expansion series connected with me.

Sometimes I’m brilliant and sometimes I’m an idiot

You're going along and you do something that you think makes you look idiotic or dumb or unprofessional. You're embarrassed because this thing has happened … and usually your "inner critic" tells you how idiotic or dumb or unprofessional you looked.

I don’t think you’re very smart

"I've got something for you," he says with a little smile leaning over to share the screen on his phone. Ron does this often now during our Covid sheltering. In a dose of escapism, he spends a few minutes watching TikTok videos – mostly dogs, cats and house squirrels. And then with great delight shares one or two of his favorites with me.

Cannabis and Alcohol in this Age of COVID

Recently an acquaintance mentioned that she and her partner started working out in the afternoons because around 3 o'clock they found themselves thinking about cocktails… on a daily basis.

Here’s your horoscope for the New Year ✨

Just a short note today as it's the kick-off of our Winter Awakening Masterclass Course – there's always an excitement and anticipation in the air for our group in coming together for the first class of our 8 weeks. So I'm busy with that.

5 Reasons Cannabis is a Healing Spirit Plant

"You don't know what you're talking about!" angrily wrote one of the people, a therapist, who was getting my emails. "I'm unsubscribing because this is irresponsible behavior," they said in a fit of indignation over me talking about how cannabis appears to be helpful in tapering people off of alcohol.

Marijuana Maintenance: have you heard?

"You don't know what you're talking about!" angrily wrote one of the people, a therapist, who was getting my emails. "I'm unsubscribing because this is irresponsible behavior," they said in a fit of indignation over me talking about how cannabis appears to be helpful in tapering people off of alcohol.

Can Cannabis Make You Go Insane?

First of all, I am in such deep gratitude for the expert neuroscience pros who are connecting the dots on how we can use cannabis in the safest and most optimal ways possible. These folks spend their lives poring over the science literature and are often conducting scientific studies themselves.

I needed that! (no, not a stiff drink)

As I write this on this Election Day, it's not nearly noon in my neck of the woods – in a "deciding" state called Florida. Regardless of how it turns out today (or perhaps in a few days, few weeks… who knows. Right?) …you might well be either delighted or in a funk.

Why some people hate me 🙊

What I do isn't for everyone. That's probably an HUGE understatement. Why? Because I invite people to engage with me so they can learn to regulate and control their emotions.

Do you prefer dogs to people (sometimes?)

We love our dogs. Your dog is likely your "close" friend. There are those who abuse their dogs – but even at that, Spot will retreat to a corner waiting for his master's summoning call – whether that'll be a welcoming hand or another hard kick.

Zoomby-ized! Are you one of the squawking dead?

Zoom Zoom … always all the time. Many of us were relying on it heavily before COVID-19 but now it's a necessity. In pre-COVID it used to be that we could take breaks between Zoom meetings at the office, skip on over to the water cooler and get some face-to-face, flesh-and-bones interaction.

A Death that Wasn’t Just a Death

It stunned me! Even me – a seasoned TV news producer back then who chased ruin and disaster like it was a showcase of Eleusinian Mysteries. In my line of work, I was calloused and

Please, please let me win the lottery!

There's an old story about a pious man named Izzy*, who every night, on his knees at the side of his bed would pray for one singular thing. With folded hands and eyes squeezed

Sadness: Begin Connecting YOUR Dots

I can still feel the dry summer dust against my skin. Each year, as a little kid, suitcase in hand, standing along the dirt road at the end of our long gravel driveway. This

Get & Stay ELEVATED … Lose Self-Doubt and Fear

  “Everyone will notice.”  Hmmm, I was playing it out in my mind (what else is there to do stopped at an intersection, eh?). The implied story is that a person got promoted and to celebrate,

Sadness: Begin Connecting YOUR Dots

I used to have a terrible time with goodbyes. Kissing boyfriends goodbye, seeing friends off, my dogs going to doggie heaven, even the wrap-up of a retreat or the conclusion of a course or

Keep Listening To Your Dark Side!

If you’ve been with us for one or more of our Cannabis Elevation Ceremonies, you know I always follow-up with an email inviting you to share your insights of your experience from our ONLINE Ceremonies.

The Third Frontier of Cannabis, Psycho-Spiritual

I went to a fascinating event where the theme was how psychedelic medicines will shape the society of the future. There was lots of discussion about cannabis – particularly using it with intention for safe

Here’s How to Tackle Your Crazy

The first question to be answered in any potentially meaningful relationship is: "And how are you crazy?" So, have you given it any thought: how ARE you crazy?

Have you seen the New Age Bullshit Generator?

Carsey, my saucy millennial community manager, brought the “New Age Bullshit Generator” to my attention the other day as she knows how worthless I find most approaches are to genuinely making us feel better. The

Cannabis Unveils the Shadow Side (so you can realize your happiest life)

This capacity to support us in our Inner work is one of the many things I love about the plant's gifts and why I offer cannabis plant medicine in my elevation ceremonies and healing sessions. In conducive settings, the plant helps us reveal our shadow side by prying back the mental metal curtain of our armored self.