A Small Favor…

I’m brushing up on my online marketing, which, by the way, every practitioner who works online needs to learn if they want to get their work in front of people – as it ain’t gonna happen with wishful thinking! 

Anyway, I’m reminded that I need to distinguish and define who my “ideal client“ is. They call it an avatar. Who is my avatar? And this is where my request for a favor comes in:

Would you be able to answer a couple of simple questions below? It would mean a lot to me.

The Basics

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Your Reason For Being With Me

(it could be my good looks, but at 67, I’m relying more on my inner beauty;) Anyway, I’m getting off topic 🙄
For instance, what classes or courses might be helpful to you? What MIGHT you want from me that you’re not seeing? Stuff like that.
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