I’ve been smoking for a few months off and on and it does nothing but make me sad and guilty for things that have nothing to do with me. I’ll start feeling someone else’s sadness and so on.

The thing is I’m already an empathetic person so it couldn’t possibly be “teaching” me. I don’t know but the second I smoke it 9 out of 10 times I’m really sad … the only reason I keep trying it is because everyone raves about how great it is but honestly I must be apart of the small minority of people whose minds just doesn’t mesh with weed. – Minky

Becca’s thoughts:

Thanks for your thoughtful field report, Minky. Cannabis has the capacity to amplify feelings and this is just as true when we may not be in touch with them consciously. Being an empath can be very confusing as one can ‘merge’ with the emotions of another and the boundaries of “their” emotions and “your” emotions get leaky.

I’d invite you to explore this feeling of sadness that emerges – but only if you’re ready to go down that very personal path and open a door that you’ve kept tightly shut. To do this it’s more than the aid of the cannabis. I highly recommend the potent active meditative practices that have been so supportive and healing to me and others.

I also suggest “micro-dosing” (small amounts) with CBD-dominate strains. You may be highly sensitive to THC and dialing that back would help your exploration. Let me know how it goes!

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Love, Becca