There’s an old story about a pious man named Izzy*, who every night, on his knees at the side of his bed would pray for one singular thing. With folded hands and eyes squeezed shut, he’d earnestly and imploringly ask God, “Dear God, please, please let me win the lottery! Please, please let me win the lottery!”

His pleading went on for quite a while. One of these nights, following his petitioning prayer, “Dear God, please, please let me win the lottery!” there was a thunderous rumbling, lightening crackled and the room filled with brilliant light as an ageless bearded visage appeared before Izzy.

“Izzy,” God’s voice boomed, “do me a favor and buy a damn lottery ticket!”

*A Jewish friend shared this parable with me – hence Izzy. Oh, and Izzy and (the old white bearded) God speak in Yiddish accents – of course:)

Ok this story – with prayer and god is a little too religious-over-the-top for my liking

But it’s so descriptive of what so many of us do in our life that I adore the lesson it serves.

In my world, when a student or client comes to me and I ask “what do you want?” the answer, not infrequently, is “enlightenment”. Gosh, I wish I could issue vouchers for enlightenment. But no person out there can do it for anybody else – no matter how much we wish it. It’s an inside job – that is, each of us has to do the heavy lifting ourselves to shed layers of limiting beliefs and patterns that make up the personality – the artifice – we’ve shaped over the course of our lifetime.

Once we can get to a point of full-on clarity and centeredness, we are in the flow. And that, my friend, is what I believe the ancient wise ones consider enlightenment.

Enlightenment is certainly a worthy goal

Actually I see it as the singularly most important assignment of our life – why we’ve been put on this planet. As the French philosopher and Jesuit Catholic priest (who nearly got thrown out of the Catholic church for his heretical perspectives), Pierre Teilhard de Chardin famously said: “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

For many of us there’s something about this notion that resonates at a very primordial level. But MOST people go through life never realizing full waking consciousness or, what you can also say depending on your belief system, their true spiritual potential.

So while no teacher or guide can do mystical surgery to make or implant “awakening”, the gifted ones can certainly give you steps that move you closer to the portal. Perhaps you’ve met one or are seeking one.

We need a map through the dense jungly terrain

I want everyone who crosses my path who is reaching for “awakening” or “enlightenment” … or in my parlance, wanting to free themselves of difficult emotions – to embrace the knowing that there is a Path. There is a way. Metaphorically speaking, enlightenment lives on the other side of the dense jungly terrain inhabited by the troubling emotions that keep us lost and wandering. So we need a map.

My map is called the Emotional Liberation® method. And, yes, along with a full-tilt program to change your inner and outer world, we intentionally employ cannabis as an energy medicine – to help shed those layers of limiting beliefs and patterns.

Because I get so many questions about cannabis’ role in emotional freedom, I’m preparing for you, what I call, a Deep Dive Video. As a clinician, I know it’s important to stay grounded in science while navigating the subtleties of energy medicine. I’ll be doing both in this free video course.

With Love, Becca