Do you find yourself signing-up for webinars so you can watch the recordings – and maybe that might happen or not? Me too. 🙄

So I’m excited to let you know about an intriguing event that doesn’t make any of that necessary… and if you’re fascinated by the cutting-edge of where medical cannabis is going, then I got some good news for you in this week’s blog…

So you know, my work with the intentional use of cannabis as it relates to healing troubling emotions and trauma has been kind of an esoteric side of cannabis. I call it the Third wave of cannabis… with recreational – or what we call now, “Adult Use” as the first wave. The second wave of cannabis is medical of course… Cannabis is good for what ails you. And then there’s, what I call, the Third wave of cannabis, which is the psycho-spiritual approach.

Now my husband doesn’t like that term “psycho-spiritual”… he says it’s kind of off-putting. “When we think of ‘psycho,’” he says, “it sounds kinda clinical and crazy.” Like: “He’s gone psycho, you know.”

But what it really is, is the word–combination of psyche, which in Western terms, means the mind and the Soul. Psychology. And spirituality, which refers to the feeling or sense or belief that there is something greater than yourself.

So when I describe what I do as psycho-spiritual, it is at its essence, “psycho-spiritual” – being in touch with your Soul and how it relates to your Higher Self. And in my work with cannabis, it’s how the plant amplifies that insight of being more than this flesh-and-bones body. And then touches into the influences that are causing you emotional pain and how to solve it. My work is called Emotional Liberation.

And because my work has this “exotic” dimension to it, it’s been kinda out there.

But recently I was invited to sit on the board of a very prestigious organization of doctors and other health practitioners in the arena of medical cannabis. I’m a clinical nutritionist. It’s called:  The American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine.  And so my work is considered a subset of medical cannabis, even though it’s informed by Eastern wisdom traditions, like Hinduism. As a clinician, I bring Western science, neuroscience, into the equation to corroborate what they’ve known in the East, places like India – for thousands of years.

So the acknowledgment of this work in serious academic and medical circles underscores its importance and emergence onto the medical cannabis scene. WooHoo!

So, having said all that, I’m really excited to invite you to an online ON-GOING event – a conference event – where you can learn about what’s at the tip of medical cannabis and, what’s most important in my mind, is that you don’t have to consume the information in like one sitting. This event goes on – get this, all of October, all of November and into early December.

I love this concept  – and it’s new. Very innovative. All the content, all the speakers, all the panel discussions, exhibit booths … virtual exhibit booths will all be available whenever you want them through the end of the event. That sings to me! How about you?

What’s more, if you miss any of the live discussions, there’s also a discussion forum attached to every session letting you be part of the conversation – no matter when you see a session. How cool is that?

So anyway, as I said, I’m on the board of the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine. And the organization is front-and-center in this conference that called the Whole Plant Expo. The Whole Plant Expo.  And because of my board’s prestigious role in the event, we get this opportunity to give you a significant discount for admission.

The regular admission price for patients and caregivers is $29 but if you use the special access code that I’m giving you, you’ll get it for $15 dollars. That’s nothing to sneeze at. So I’ll put the link in the comments section for you to get this rate. Ok? And there’s also a special track for autism, and that’s $10 extra. And then there’s also a special for industry professionals. But everything is at that link.

Let’s see, what else do I want you to know there will be 120 speakers over the course of this time. It’s a who’s-who of the medical cannabis and hemp ecosystem. This Whole Plant Expo is for patients and caregivers, medical professionals, researchers and medical cannabis and hemp industry professionals. And, of course, little ole me, in the psycho-spiritual realm – that Third Wave of cannabis.

So I invite you to drop down to the comments section with any questions you might have. The discount link is also there. I’ll keep a close eye out for what’s on your mind. I think by virtue of selling these tickets, our organization gets a little something. It’s all good, right?

I’m Becca Williams. And I want you to lead your most magnificent life and I want to help you do that… and I think the Whole Plant Expo will help you do that too.