If you were a child of the 1960’s or a serious student of that Free Love decade you know it was interwoven with psychedelics experimentation, which opened up new perspectives and realizations for many.

But while “awakening” with new eyes and intentions of how they wanted to help change the world for the better, the old “joke” was that these would-be revolutionaries (maybe you?) simply returned to their “same old, same old” environment and plugged back into Society’s insidious dictates that you get a job, you chase the money and bow to The Man – or become The Man, a slang referring to the authorities in power.

I was reminded of this vintage meme recently in listening to uber-podcaster Joe Rogan in a fascinating conversation with Rick Doblin, PhD, thought leader in the current psychedelic renaissance. In describing psychedelic trips and the importance of aligning your inner and outer worlds, Joe said this:

“I think that a real profound breakthrough psychedelic experience is like pressing “control alt delete” for your brain and when you reboot, you have a fresh desktop. It’s clean – but you have one folder on the desktop that says “my old bullshit”.  And most people open up that folder and just get comfortable with their old bullshit. 
So after the experience… you sort of have to re-think how you view everything and you have this renewed perspective. You have a completely different view of the world but it’s confusing – you don’t have scaffolding to travel on and you don’t have a clear pathway; it’s really easy to slip into your own thing and start doing all the same dumb shit you were doing before.”

And, of course, psychedelics or not, this is the challenge faced by anyone doing deep Inner personal growth work – where you’re changing on the inside to reset your self-limiting patterns and beliefs but then you walk back into your “old” world and the same people and the same “bullshit” are there.

How do you align these two misaligned worlds? 

The aligning of the two is what we call “integration”. And at first, when you begin to change – but your outer world and those in your personal orbit stay the same – it can be frustrating, unsettling and even painful.

And as Joe Rogan points out you may be jolted into a new realm, but if you don’t have a new pathway, you can panic and fall back into your old comfort zone. I’ll add that these comfort zones aren’t comfortable – they’re just familiar neural-pathways with neurochemicals that keep us addicted to anxiety, self-doubt, anger, and other distressing emotions.
And once we start lifting ourselves out of this emotional whirlpool with the intention of moving into another mental state, our ego pushes back like a screaming banshee. We have a phrase in my Emotional Liberation courses for this unpleasant situation – it’s called the Shaken Snow Globe. The Shaken Snow Globe was coined by a senior student who went through it but now reassures others that it’s a transitory stage in your emotional healing. And it is.

But, of course, how to get from here to there with the least pain and suffering? 

My mission and vision is supporting people in making their emotional healing as efficient and effective as possible. We embrace a groundbreaking hybrid in self-healing with a unique combination of a consistent therapeutic group setting, Eastern wisdom teachings, Western science and (optionally) the judicious use of cannabis and psilocybin microdosing.
We essentially do what Joe’s talking about – pressing “control alt delete” for your brain and rebooting so that your old “bullshit” rapidly moves out of the way to accommodate new ways of thinking and living. We build the new scaffolding to travel on – so you have a clear pathway to exercise your new found patterns and behaviors. Healing means that our relationships will change and others in our orbit might be very uncomfortable and often start pressuring us to go back to be our old self. Can you say “Shaken Snow Globe”?
But with this Emotional Liberation method, in our coursework, we’re continually embrace integration by focusing our awareness on ourselves and witnessing our own journey, inside and out. Many find that cannabis and psilocybin microdosing fuels our work in this personal evolution.
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