Do THIS when you’re stressed 😫

Feeling stressed is often a general “catch all” for when we’re awash in crappy emotions. We don’t know where to turn as we’re overwhelmed and flooded with tormenting sensations.
When this happens (how are you right now?), I assure you that you can state shift out of it with this powerful practice called: What Emotion Are You Feeling and Why? It’s part of a “neural-workout” series I created a couple of years ago.
I invite you to find a quiet, comfortable place – amplify with cannabis if that calls to you (not a lot, just a little bit because to get the most out of this practice, you want to amplify the sensation and not numb).

Try it and let me know how it goes for you.

What People say about these practices:

What People say about these practices:

“I had a lot of incessant thoughts and anxiety before. I feel so calm and rejuvenated now. It was really healing and enjoyable.
– Matt S. 
“I found the day after added to my experience and provided even more perspective and it continues, thank you.”
– John H.
“At first I felt doubtful and insecure and ended up feeling strong and knowing what I needed to do.”
– Ashlie S.

“I feel that setting aside time to go through these [my] issues was very helpful and helped me gain peace.”

– Mike M.