I’ve been looking for an answer to why lately when I get high (sativa) I tend to just want to cry all the time … just all these thoughts and usually about things I feel I’m lacking in or missing. It made me stop smoking because I would be around people and need to cry!

I used to get high by myself that’s how I started and I do remember crying and listening to music a lot. I believe it may have done me some good because after a little while I was really genuinely happy. Now anytime I go out and about around friends/family it makes me sad again…so I stopped smoking.

But my question is, is this something I need to pay attention to maybe it’s trying to tell me something is wrong and I’m ignoring it? I dislike crying because it makes me feel like I’m depressed and that’s not what I want out of my weed. – Ruby Ann

Dear Ruby Ann, 

I believe the plant is amplifying your emotions to lead you to healing. But you need to have a plan in order to embrace this opportunity. To make use of the psychic healing of cannabis, the plant medicine needs to be paired with an approach that will move energy – in my work I use active kundalini-like mediation, which is the most efficient and effective approach I have discovered – and that’s why I teach it and lead groups in doing it. I brought myself back from the depths of despair with the practices and approaches I share. I invite you to join me for my monthly ONLINE Cannabis Elevation Ceremony. It is my gift to anyone who longs to experience this release and relief.

With Love, Becca