I regularly receive questions from our community that I believe may well be on the minds of others. So I occasionally share them with you and this is one of those…

Dear Becca,
I’ve been looking for an answer to why lately when I get high (sativa) I tend to just want to cry all the time… just all these thoughts and usually about things I feel I’m lacking in or missing.
It made me stop smoking because I would be around people and need to cry! I used to get high by myself; that’s how I started and I do remember crying and listening to music a lot. I believe it may have done me some good because after a little while I was really genuinely happy.
But now anytime I go out and about around friends/family it makes me sad again …so I stopped smoking. My question is is this something I need to pay attention to? Maybe it’s trying to tell me something is wrong and I’m ignoring it? I dislike crying because it makes me feel like I’m depressed and that’s not what I want out of my weed.
– Ruby Ann

Dear Ruby Ann,

In short, I believe the plant is amplifying your emotions to lead you to healing. But you need to have a plan in order to embrace this opportunity.
To make optimal use of the psychic healing of cannabis, the plant medicine needs to be paired with an approach that will move energy. In my Emotional Liberation work, we use active and expressive breath, movement and sound, which is the most efficient and effective approach I have discovered – and that’s why I teach it and lead groups in doing it. 
I brought myself back from the depths of despair with the practices and approaches I teach. I invite you to join me for my monthly ONLINE Advanced Techniques to Strengthen Your Mind, Brain & Nervous System. It is my gift to every one who longs to experience this release and relief. Because the practices are so powerful, cannabis is always optional. But many (most) of my masterclass course students embrace the plant, either in CBD, THC or a combination thereof to amplify the effects. As one of our students puts it so well, “cannabis is not the engine, it’s the lubrication for the engine.” 
With Love,
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