Are you preparing or thinking about taking a psychedelic “journey,” or looking to integrate following one?
The use of hallucinogenic plant medicines, like psilocybin, is an avenue that many are using to awaken from ordinary consciousness. Such hallucinogenic experiences can offer a temporary release from limited patterns of self-identification – as well as propel a person into mystical experiences of being one with all that exists. Yet the ability to benefit from these experiences can often be elusive.
This is an important issue that I’m talking about in this week’s video:
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These psychedelic encounters can alter our perspectives in fundamental ways – yet our ability to hold on to these profound boundary dissolving experiences can be challenging as we soon return to ordinary consciousness and our regular work-a-day life. Worse, a person can be left feeling energetically “fractured” and confused following an intense psychedelic journey

The understanding that any of this can happen, means that a person really needs to have a plan in place to optimize this profound experience in order to align it with one’s outer life. We call this inner and outer alignment “integration.”

In fact, it’s my fervent belief that a well-designed framework for integration is even more important than the psychedelic experience itself. If a person does not have a suitable, let’s call it: integration plan – then there’s a good chance that the benefits of the experience can kind of “defrag” and dissolve.

In my masterclass courses, students have the option of working with psilocybin microdosing. Now the microdosing is far different than a full-blown psychedelic experience. But I like the microdosing – as it can have the same impact WHEN we combine it with the powerful program of integration that my emotions work offers.

And what my students and clients like about this approach is that the microdosing is a more gentle and subtle catalysis than a full-blown psychedelic journey. Many appreciate the safety of doing it this way and I teach you everything a person needs to know about it and how to do it.

You know, the issue I see with psychedelics, when people do a full-blown macro-dose psychedelic journey, is there may be a lot of realizations coming up. But most often, there’s nothing in place so that you can “gel” it into your daily life.

And proper integration is essential… if we want to see solid results in our lives like feeling better, feeling more confident, more optimistic. Learning how to respond instead of being reactive and blowing up. Melting away resistance and the “inner critic.”

The 8-week masterclass course experiences I offer, are a Full and complete approach to making changes here and then learning how to implement them out there in your regular life. In other words, a step-by-step method for full-on integration.

My new 8-week Journey of Your Awakening begins in early April and runs for 8-weeks. You’ll be equipped with all the tools you need to melt away old self-limiting patterns and behaviors that may be keeping you small and undermining your personal and professional relationships.

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I’m Becca Williams and I look forward to the opportunity to walk this path with you.