Wonder if I told you that whenever you feel crappy, you could do something that would make you feel better and do it in about 11 minutes?   

 I’m going to make this short… but I invite you to experience this powerful practice that’s on my YouTube channel. It’s called “What Emotion are You Feeling and Why?” 

Here are a few comments in regard to the experience: 


“This really helped me release something I’ve been struggling with! Thank you <3”
– Jae Sevelius
“This is so amazing 💜!!! After the meditation my body got shaking a lot like a lot of energy running. Why is this? Thank you very much for this video 🙏🙏”
– Pamela Zamora
“I wish that I could give more than one like. Amazing experience.”
– Andres Lucena
“Hi Becca thank you so much. I’m feeling buzzing, tingling and lightheadedness… If you are persistent with all this emotional release work will there then come a certain point in time when you feel that now the job is done and there is no more emotions to clear out?”
– Ben H.

To answer Ben:

Yes! You are releasing trauma. And yes when you continue to do this remarkable Emotional Liberation work and using your emotions as your inner guidance system, layers of embedded trauma will be released. As you learn how to “be with” your emotions to let them flow, you will feel progressively better.

I hope I have convinced you to try out this practice. If you do, let me know how it goes!

Here’s the video:

 Practice #1: What Emotion are You Feeling and Why?

With Love,