Being “psychic” is the ability to perceive information that’s hidden from our normal senses. In this respect, I believe cannabis is a “psychic vitamin” for assisting us make that leap in navigating our invisible inner life to process and release difficult emotions.

For this reason, cannabis (along with psilocybin microdosing) optimizes the Emotional Liberation work for more effective and efficient healing and integration. I have more to say about that in this favorite reprise video:

I’ve had upset folks who get my emails, write me to say how they’re going to unsubscribe because they believe I’m suggesting that all people (that is all adults) – might want to consider experimenting with the plant. Now, in all fairness, there is Truth to that. And let me explain.


My work with cannabis is specifically focused on its value in supporting deep Inner work for purposes of releasing whatever stress, fear or other troubling emotions that are upsetting your life. We’re just beginning to understand THIS aspect of the plant – THIS, super power of the plant to enrich our psychic development – even though historically there are echoes of its use for higher consciousness among ancient civilizations … much of it out of India, Southern China and them parts.

And what’s this word “psychic” in the scope of what I’m talking about? Psychic is the ability to perceive information that’s hidden from our normal senses. And when we do practices to go inward, cannabis as a “spirit plant medicine” can enrich our ability to be in touch with that deep Inner knowing …. being in touch with our Soul. Yes, Western Science has a hard time explaining this “bridge” to our Soul, whereas Eastern traditions have always focused on the need to go inward for answers and personal growth.

That’s where we need to go. And in our busy distracted culture it’s tough to make time and put the effort into doing what can be absolutely transformational. That’s why cannabis plant medicine is pivotal to the Emotional Liberation approaches I teach. It creates an intimate desire to go inward and we do this in intimate environments with like-minded others – and I gotta tell you embracing the hidden psychic potential of cannabis is the next great exploratory frontier for our Western minds.


So let me know in the comments below how you see cannabis – and what you think about what I just said. I’m Becca Williams and I want you to take magnificent care of yourself and I wanna help you do that.