Cannabis & Meditation Sessions

(for adults only)

NOTE: We’re switching it up as of Fall, 2020. Beginning then, we’ll be navigating the Psychedelic side of cannabis with Cannabis Exploration & Meditation. If this is of interest to you, I invite you to register below for details. 

When: TBD

Where: Online (of course). Becca’s Zoom Room where you will be anonymous yet part of our group – the intersection of privacy and participation.

Why: This is an opportunity for our conscious community to gather for exploring higher consciousness and releasing pent-up stress and overwhelm using cannabis and various meditation and breathwork modalities. 


  • Between 90 and 120 minutes. Time will be based on your personal choice of how long you want to explore.
  • Prior to our sessions, you’ll receive a video instruction for preparation of your space and your cannabis – based on flower, tincture or edible.

To receive details:

Keep an eye out for an email with further details.


I look forward to having you with me 🙂

With Love, Becca