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The Inner Work and the Outer Work: One of My Personal Stories

May 14th, 2022|0 Comments

It’s a triumph when we begin releasing self-limiting beliefs by facing and processing our difficult emotions. But that’s the first part of the equation. The 2nd part is when we begin applying it to our Real World relationships. This week I go into detail about how this practice showed up in my life:

Psychedelic Journeys: What’s Missing

May 5th, 2022|1 Comment

Are you preparing or thinking about taking a psychedelic "journey" or looking to integrate following one? The use of hallucinogenic plant medicines like psilocybin is an avenue that many are using to awaken from ordinary consciousness.

The 3 (Magic) Words that Make Friends and Influence People

April 24th, 2022|2 Comments

Ever heard that ironic saying, “the beatings will continue until morale improves”? The irony of course is that yelling and screaming may get people to move a little faster but what’s left in the wake is often smoldering ruins. Here’s a better approach that is better for you too…

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Get in Touch with Your Crazy

May 26th, 2022|

The first question to be answered in any potentially meaningful relationship is: "And how are you crazy?" So, have you given it any thought: How ARE you crazy?

How Emotions Ravage Your Body

May 17th, 2022|

"When my anxiety ramps up, so does my eczema," one client told me. Skin eruptions, like psoriasis and eczema, are often a common complaint among folks who come to me for emotional release work.

Transformation supported by microdosing

May 11th, 2022|

When a person can learn to use their difficult emotions as their inner guidance system they can dramatically improve their lives and their wellbeing. And in my work in helping people recover from difficult emotions, I continually explore the most efficient and effective approaches to emotional healing.

Emotional Liberation Practices

“Your meditations have helped me grow through one of the hardest times of my life. Thank you.”  – Nicole D.

“Hard for me to express in words how powerful this practice can be based on the level of surrender to the process… Thanks and Peace Becca.”  – Michael M.

“This has helped me immensely in trauma. Watching your videos has been a big inspiration in learning more about how this can help. Thank you!”  –  Cory C.

“Microdosing cannabis and psilocybin has been shown to enhance the process of neuroplasticity – the ability to form and reorganize synaptic connections in the brain to develop new patterns of thought and behavior helping to overcome limiting subconscious beliefs.”

– Becca Williams

In Becca’s Masterclass groups, courses and personal sessions, she helps people heal from emotional trauma through an immersive program that informs both the cognitive (brain) and the intuitive (your Inner guide). Her practice integrates cutting-edge neuroscience with ancient healing modalities utilizing expressive movement, meditation & breathwork techniques – with the judicious use of plant amplifiers. Subscribe and join Becca for exploring this revolutionary approach to Emotional Liberation®.

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Psilocybin is a largely illegal substance and we do not encourage or condone its use where it is against the law. However we accept that illegal drug use occurs and believe that offering responsible harm reduction information is imperative to keeping people safe. For that reason this information is designed to ensure the safety of those who decide to use plant medicine.