Coronavirus? Self-quarantine? Having to isolate is a shocking development. So this is a one-two punch because isolation and social distancing – like don’t hug or kiss or shake hands – can, in turn, cause more stress, anxiety and overwhelm without any relief valve.

But there’s a way that we can challenge self-isolation and quarantining. And that’s the subject of my blog this week:

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How are you doing? The current situation with the virus is unprecedented. Our lives as we know them are being turned upside down by all this change: Don’t go into the office, don’t go to school. Don’t travel. no group gatherings.

We are social animals and this development will be tearing at the social fabric of our culture. … a culture that’s already strained under the weight of stress, anxiety, depression. Anger so much anger out there. i know this – my work, Emotional Liberation, shows people how to heal themselves by releasing difficult emotions.

So I want to bring this around to the opportunity we have before us. I’ve been getting emails about weathering uncertainly and disruption. And in looking at how I can best serve with my particular talents and skills – I’ve decided to offer an ONLINE environment – sanctuary for all of us to gather to get grounded and clear. A Daily – short, fun and effective active meditation practice (include your older kids, it’s truly a bonding experience). It’ll be safe and nurturing and together we’ll do these very simple and quick – yet powerful practices for protecting ourselves.

But I need your wisdom on the best way to do this. I can’t do this alone. I need you. I need your big brain and your big heart to help figure this out. So I invite you to click through below and answer 7-questions to figure out how we want this to look. For example: How long do you want it? Do you want to include cannabis? We want to have the widest and biggest welcoming embrace for the most people to do these healing and strengthening practices. So with cannabis, perhaps, we can just have kind of an assumption that if you wanna do cannabis plant medicine you’ll do it and it’ll be kept on the QT. Because parents may want to have their older kids join them.

Now I would suggest older children would be I think, around 12 years old – It depends on the kid but they may be mature enough to do this. These are active meditations, spectacular! And they stir up your energy body and they allow you to be in touch with what’s on your head – what’s knocking loudest on your head … and move it out.

What I practice and teach is the art of Eastern Meditation Traditions and philosophy informed by Western medicine. It’s the clinician in me.

So we’re not doing anything “airy fairy.” It’s the real deal.

So please click the link below the video and give me your insights – your thinking on how we can make this the best possible for as many people as possible. I am so glad you’re with me. I think we can make this a really bright aspect of this whole “isolating” situation. I’m loving your questions and your comments. I share the world with a bunch of really smart, heart centered people. Thank you so much! Let’s get together and have a meaningful and fun time doing it.

I’m BW, I want you to lead a magnificent life, and I want to help you do it.

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